Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting the itch....

to buy Webkinz stuff!

I blogged here about my Webkinz hobby.  I really love playing the games and buying all the virtual stuff for my house.  I have $165,000 kinzcash right now....I can afford to do whatever I want.  Which includes buying the newest and most expense rare themes....

But those people at Ganz (who makes the Webkinz) are sneaky.  They have an "e-store" where you have to use actual real live money to buy the items.  And they tend to save the best stuff for the e-store.  I have purchased a few pets, and a few virtual charms that unlock certain features.  But no items.

Well....last year they started birthstone pets, and my plan was to buy them all.  I bought May-November...but decided after that that the budget was more important, and stopped.

Now, they are releasing Zodiac pets....and Taurus is the first one up (my sign).  OK....I could treat myself to one pet for my birthday.  But....they are also releasing a VERY COOL line of items to go with it...and I WANT it.

(I know I sound like a geek.  But we all have our vices!)

No need....totally WANT.  No idea how much real money we are even talking about yet because they aren't released.  But this is going to be tough to resist. 

Hobbies are one of the first things to go when you are cutting money out of the budget.  And I am proud to say that I have spent ZERO dollars on this hobby since November.  But this is calling me!!!

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