Sunday, February 21, 2010

I would love to live in my fantasy world

My fantasy world.....Webkinz.  Pathetic, I know.

Two years ago, the kids each got a Webkinz.  They were still a little young to fully get it, so I did alot of it.  And I got hooked!  I got my own account, and started my own collection (I shudder to think about what I spent on this.....but I haven't bought anything in months).

If you aren't familiar, you adopt this little pet, then you have to feed it and such.  You play games to earn KinzCash so you can buy stuff for you pet.  You buy rooms and decorate them.  And there are special items you collect along the way.

Webkinz has become my pretend world that I wish I lived in.  My account has 180,000 KinzCash in it (and I would guess I have probably spent millions over the past 2 years on my little pets).  The most expensive "rare" item is 40,000 kinz cash, and was able to buy it without hesitation.  I didn't even drop below $100,0000 at that point.

In this world, I can redecorate whenever I want.  I can buy whatever I want.  I have the financial freedom that I crave in my real life.  I worked hard to save that money.  And now I can do whatever I want.  Of course, in this little world, there are no emergencies or disasters.  No car breaking down, or house repairs.  Just happy happy joy joy all the time.

I think I love this because it is an escape, but also because I have what I crave in real security.

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