Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Do You Tackle Too Much At Once?

Guilty as charged.  I get gung ho on things....not just one, but several, and I try and do full speed ahead on all of it....just to frustrate myself (and G-man!).

Case in point....finance, weight loss, exercise, reorganization....the list goes on and on.  I can't do it all at once. 

Let me modify that....I can't go full speed on all of them at once.

I have learned that I can only do full speed one one thing TO START WITH.  It is sort of a snowball method of sorts.  You go gazelle intensity on one thing, and the minimal on the others.  Once you tackle the first one, you take that energy into the next.

I needed to get the finances some what better.  I didn't have the energy/mental capacity to do it all.  I like to think I did.  But seriously....I can't.  So I needed to get the finances under control.  While they aren't great, they are better.  We are making small gains.  But more importantly, I am not feeling as desperate as I was a few months ago.

Now that I figured out step one, I am ready to add in something else:  weight loss.  Now that I feel more in control of the finance, I can devote more time to my weight management.  It is easier for me to eat better.   It is easier for me to take the time to budget this in for ME.  The next one will be the exercise.

I am a total type A personality....all the way.  I just can't "A it all at once...at least not if I want sustainable results.

It is a big puzzle that is just starting to come together.  I think I have the frame done.  Maybe some obvious part of the picture...like the big orange sun.  Now I am adding in the blue sky.  The picture isn't clear yet...but we are getting there.

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