Wednesday, March 3, 2010

She is soooo worth it

As a whole, I probably spend more of my time dealing with Bossy Boy.  From the day to day things, to all the extras that go along with him....he can be a full time gig just in himself.   But the reality is....he DOES have a sister!

Sassy Girl has sort of gotten the shaft her whole life.  She came home from NICU before him, and just 15 hrs after she arrived home, I packed her back up to go visit Bossy Boy in the hospital.  She has been dragged to more doctor appointments and therapy sessions than I can count.  She has had to get up at 5am when her brother was having surgery at 8am on Christmas Day and we spent Christmas in the hospital...our Christmas dinner that year was a can of soup and PB&J sandwiches, since the cafeteria was closed and we had to bring SOMETHING to eat.

We have been struggling to find ways to give her the time and attention that she deserves.  And while I think we as parents do a better than fair job at doing this, we lag behind when it comes to socialization for her.  Her brother just doesn't tolerate others coming over.....and she is the girl who has THAT brother who screams and cries.  Let's just say she isn't invited on playdates.

Additionally, she is a free spirit.  If she was a teenager in the late 60's, she would have been a Flower Child.  She is very Earthy Crunchy, loves nature....loves to write and draw.  She talks to the wind and the sun.  She collects rocks.  Get the picture?

Anyway, we have finally found an activity for her that fits her personality and can be all hers.  The local pottery studio has young people classes in drawing and pottery.  Jewelry making and metal work (which is later).  Very cool stuff.  Of course this comes at a price.....$78 for 6 weeks.

G-man and I said we would rather spend a few more month in debt and be able to send her to pottery school than have her shafted again.  It is time that she gets what she NEEDS now.  He gets therapy weekly at $20 co-pay, so that is $120 for 6 weeks.  We will find the $80 (and then another $80 the next session, and so on) for her to get some time for herself and be able to make friends that have similar interests.

Just wait...when she is a famous artist, you can say you "knew" her when.....

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  1. I'm glad to see that you're trying to find a balance between paying off your debt and still living. I think a lot of people get so focused on eliminating their debt that they end up depriving themselves. Some may call it rationalization - but you're the only one that knows what's best for your family.