Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Going Green to Save the Green on a day all about Green!

Happy St. Paddy's Day to cyberspace!  No, I am not Irish, but hey....aren't we all Irish on March 17?  Just like we are all Mexican on Cinco de Mayo.  :)

On this very greenest of days...thought I would blog about some ecofriendly stuff.  Now, in my ideal world, I would be as Earthy Crunchy as can be.  But we don't live in this world.  But I am trying to make small steps toward being more carbon footprint conscience.

One thing that I did a few months ago was buy reuseable "paper" towels.  Actually, they are made from the same material that cloth diapers are (not the big bulky ones).  A friend makes them in her Etsy store, and I bought a set to try out.  And I LOVE them.  They were $11 (I think) for a set of 10 (or was it 12?), I am a big help here.  But anyway, they are wonderful and I am thinking of ordering another set.

ETA:  I hesitated on posting a link because she is my friend from "a different world."  But I decided that my user name here, and THERE are different, so I will chance it.  But I would love to throw some business her way, and like I said, I am very happy with the product.  So here ya go:

I used to go through rolls and rolls of paper towels.  Now, 1 roll will last me forever and a day.  I still use the disposable kind for really messy clean-up (cat puke comes to mind....) and for wiping off washed fruit.  But the ecofriendly ones do a terrific job on my day to day things.  I keep them in a small basket on the counter, so they are easy to grab.

I am toying with buying reusable sandwich bags.  Sassy Girl takes sandwiches almost every day, so I know that I would use them. I just need to hope she would bring them home and not toss them!!

What eco friendly things do you do?  How much Green are you saving by going Green?


  1. Can you give the link to your friends Etsy store, that way we can go check them out too? Thanks!

  2. I use cloth napkins, washable water bottles, plastic bowls and sandwich boxes for their lunches. We really try not to throw to much away. It does save money especially using real water bottles and not buying water. WE use the filter.