Sunday, February 28, 2010

Here we are....another month gone

Let me first say, February is a joke.  28 days?  What is that all about?  The first of the month sneaks up on ya.

On my list TO DO today (other than fold the laundry in the dryer, clean the bathroom, feed small children....):

1)  Pay mortgage.  This one is a no brainer. 

2)  Look at budget for March.  Today I feel like we are doing better....I might disagree with myself when I look at the budget (hello...can anyone say Sybill?  If you don't get the reference....don't tell me I am getting old, ok?)

3)  Clip and sort the PILE of coupons I have.  GRRR.  I love the feeling of saving money.  I HATE the clipping and sorting of them.

4)  Take more pics of "stuff" to sell.  Remember when I thought I could sell $350 per month (look ahead to #6 on my list)?  While I am proud of our progress, it isn't anywhere close to what I was hoping for.  I think everyone is trying to cut back.  And although I still have a pile of stuff, the reality is that it isn't worth much.

5)  Stop thinking about the alcove project I can't do right now.   Is it bad that I am secretly hoping that the fence estimate will be way better than I thought, so I can cash in MyPoints for Home Depot cards to pay for the paint?????  I know in my heart that we will end up doing the fence ourselves.  Bye project.  And this is REALLY bad....G-man leaves in a week for his trip, and I am soooo wanting to "surprise" him.

6)  Resign myself that my goals tend to be lofty and way out of whack.  Let's see...goals that were set in January that have fallen by the wayside:  Exercise, mopping the floor once a week, typing 1 recipe per day.  I know there are more.

I need to stop beating myself up.  I am really doing the best I can.  We didn't get into a mess overnight....the fix won't be overnight either.

I am working on my blog makeover.  Again, that was one of my goals, and I have learned a ton!  But the perfectionist in me is working things over and over.  I finally found the "right" banner trying to overlay the picture to my satisfaction. 

I better run.....only 12.75 hrs left in the month!


  1. Yes, February is too short. Good luck with your goals this month. We are setting some high for this month too.

  2. I may have a suggestion for the the coupons - don't clip them. I don't clip mine at all. I write the date on the top of each circular and then put them in file folders according to date. When I need a coupon, it's much easier to find the one I need. I don't have to go through a ton of clipped ones. There are lots of blog that match up the sales and coupons for you (Including mine) so all the hard work is done. All you do is have to track down the coupons you need.

  3. Gina, that method never works for me. If I am at the store and see something, it is easier for me to go to that section and find out if I have a coupon for it.

    Thanks though!