Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cool site and FREE jewelry!!

I am starting my Christmas shopping WAY early this year.  Found this site:
Beaded jewelry is way hot now, and it is a great way to accessorize.  They have tons of interchangable beaded watches (tons of colors you can several to match all your outfits...they even have "holiday" ones) and these super cute interchangeable charm necklaces (they have one called box of crayons for under $10 that will be perfect for my niece and Sassy Girl).

Chunky Jewelry is all the rage, so get in at a great price.  You can even host your very own online jewelry party and earn free jewelry (again...think gifts for young and old!).  I am totally thinking about doing this, so stay tuned for more info on MY party!

Check them out....I think you will like what you see.  Plus, they have a tab for contests and FREEbies...and we all love those.  Go ahead....give 'em a try.

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