Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fun with Excel

Jeff (of the infamous, Melissa and Jeff) suggested I take a 30 min walk when G-man comes home, just to clear my head. See the above schedule to see why this doesn't happen.

Blue is G-man's work schedule (dark blue is driving). Pink is my work schedule. And orange is when G-man is home. Green is sleep.

We see Daddy for about 10 min in the morning before he leaves for work. And then we don't see him again for almost 24 hrs. He is home in the afternoon for a few hrs between jobs....while I am at work. He leaves...then I get home, and shortly after...the wee people come home.

Weekends...he works 8am-4pm, then 6pm-10pm. I am on my own. I am on my own every night (except Tuesday and Friday night). I do homework, and showers, and errands, and medical, and calls, and etc....on my own.

G-man started working 2 jobs....SEVEN years ago. We both worked 2 jobs before the kids (and I was in graduate school) to pay off some debt and save for our fertility treatments. We stopped the second job for about a year before the kids....then when they were born, he went back....just for now.

Here we are 7 yrs later. No end of the second job in sight. I never see my husband. My kids never see their father. We have almost no family time.

Friday is the only day we both have off, and that is spent playing catch-up from the week.

Our debt has consumed us. It has consumed our time and energy. And we have nothing to show for it.


  1. Hey Mysti. An excel geek just like me - I love it!. So, let me clarify something..I said to take 30 minutes when hubby IS home, not when he GETS home. We have 3 small, energetic and wonderful children.

    Get yourself to bed by 10pm each night. Set your alarm for 6am (Hubby is there according to your sheet) walk for 30 minutes..shower...and be ready to "Take on the Day" by 7am.

    And then, Looks like you are home in the afternoons with them. Get Bossy and Sassy in the stroller - or however you do it- and say We are walking around the block so you have a happy mommy!

    And, guess what..if he is off Tues and Friday..he get's the chore list! I have a chore list waiting for me every weekend - we are a team - no one shoulders all the burden.

    Mysti, if you hold on to how it IS, that is the way it is ALWAYS GOING to be! You need to change, both emotionally - financially. Think outside the box. This spreadsheet shows me that look at what is now...go back- take this same spreadsheet and update with Bedtimes for kids, bedtimes for Mom and exercise/mommy time for just you...I think you will be amazed at how your schedule makes you feel.

    I would love to know your thoughts on the other advice regarding debt from us and Roberta Frost..

  2. Where do yo live? I can come help one night and make dinner for you all LOL...