Thursday, October 29, 2009

The cost of class parties

Both kids came home the other day with a note from their respective teachers asking each family to contribute something to the Halloween party, scheduled for Friday. In years past, they would ask families to send in a note with what they would contribute, thus, it was the family's choice to contribute or not, and how much they would spend.

I think over time, less and less families were helping out, and the cost of the party fell on the teacher. So I think the new system of assigning an item to a child was developed.

I didn't give it alot of thought until today.

Bossy Boy's class asked for cups. Bought 2 packages of Halloween cups at the Dollar Store. Total cost with tax: $2.12 Sassy Girl's class asked for a bag of grapes. Asked G-man to pick those up while he was at the store today. Total cost: $9.09!!!

Holy Vineyard, Batman!!

One stinkin' bag of grapes was over $9! If I had any idea that it would have been that much, I would have sent in a note to the teacher. I am always more than willing to help out the school, but things are so tight (and getting worse). And we really couldn't afford these grapes.

I know there will be more parties through out the year. And next time a note comes home, I will have to look at it more carefully. Which also begs the are the assignments made?

*Enter Cynicism*

This really isn't the first time that we have been asked to provide a pricier item. One example was the 2 containers of ice cream (which were ON SALE for 2/$7 that week). I wonder if the teachers think we are more well off than we are.

*side bar*

My kids dress nice for school. This started when they were little and Grammy helped out alot with clothes. I buy things on sale and some second hand, but most of what they wear is name brand.

So, are they asking us to contribute more? Dunno. All I know is that the cost of contributing to both parties has now exceeded the cost of both of their costumes combined.


  1. Yeah, we never guy grapes when they are out of season because they cost to much!

    I have a friend who always is told to bring a fresh fruit salad to family bbq's during the summer. They told her it was because she was "rich" and let me tell you, that was news to her!

  2. Growing up I never knew how low my parents' incomes were really were because my mom never sacrificed style to save money: she just knew where to find the bargains.

    There is NO reason to spend retail value on kids' clothes. I am wondering if this teacher has children of her own and how she gets clothes for them...

    $9?? Holy green bills, batman!

  3. sometimes you need to tell the teachers a bit of your story... and maybe they'd find someone else who would buy the items in your place