Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bank Statements

What do you guys do with your bank statements? We get a monthly checking statement, with little images of our cashed checks (vs getting the cancelled checks back). And a savings account statement.

I balance our checkbook at nauseum (from on-line statement). I never even open the snail mail version!!! I keep them all, but they are thrown in a box.

I am thinking that I don't need to keep all of them. Maybe just one year worth. Isn't that what the standard is? And shred the rest. Well, maybe I should keep the checking acct ones since they have the "cancelled" checks. But really....I can't even remember the last time I needed to refer to them.

I could embrace my inner organizer and buy a nice 3 ring binder and punch holes and file them.

I could start a bonfire.

What do YOU do with them???


  1. I toss (Shread) mine only because they keep them online for a year or something like that. I never need to refer back to them so I don't find a need to save more clutter.

  2. Ours are all electronic now. But for your case I think a 3-ring binder is a great option. I have statements going back 7 years (before they went eletronic). They're stashed away in a box...

    They'll make some great kindle someday.