Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I want to be one of those people...

Who can get $200 worth of groceries...and pay 25 cents! I am amazed that people have figured out a system to do this. While I consider myself a bright individual (albeit one who has made some stupid decisions!), I am not bright enought to crack the code.

But....I am smart enough to figure out how to access the info from others who have done it!!!

I do not want this blog to be one that hocks all sorts of wares and such, but I will pass this link along because I am finding it useful:


These are hard core coupon gurus! I read the CVS for Rookies thread and I am in awe. They are Obi Wan....I am Luke Skywalker. They are Mr. Miagi and I am Daniel (ok, if I have to explain this....then I will just be sad that I am getting old. :) ). Oh masters.....I am the grasshopper....teach me!

We have a budget of $400 for groceries per month....the financial advisor (here after, referred to as FA) wants us to cut that by 15% (yeah right.....$400 is probably not realistic either, let alone less). But I am going to make a go of it and see if I can master the coupons!


  1. Hi there, I clicked over from Coupon Chic (she's a sweetie pie) she did the cutest post on your blog.

    You can do it! But do it in baby steps. I think the biggest mistake I learned was not being realistic to myself. Now I know what I'm capable of and what I can expect.
    Good luck to ya. There is a plethora of information waiting out there for ya! It's really quite fun...like a sport (did I just say that)...oh well, just keepin it real :-)

  2. Best of luck to you! Give Dave Ramsey a try-- you can find him online. maybe his philosophy will work for you. I admire you're honesty! I know I couldn't be that candid about my debt!!

  3. I saw your blog on Coupon Chic and I think you are doing a great thing, We also have debt in Credit card and Schools Loans, medical etc..
    I also have twins they are girls and 8 years old. Count me in as a follower. I wish you all the luck. Karen