Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I *thought* he got it...I was wrong

G-man. Love him. Really, I do. But he is driving me nuts!!

I found a receipt on the floor of our bedroom for the grocery store. He stopped on his way home the other night (long story short....he has worked MAJOR hours this week on a high profile project at work) because he wanted dessert. Ok...

He bought (2) containers of ice cream, and a soda. He paid FULL PRICE for each container of ice cream!! That is $6 a container....and as most of you know, ice cream containers have gotten smaller over the past few years, but the price stayed the same. So this grocery bill was almost $15 for this little tiny nothing shopping trip.

I asked him about it, and he said he paid cash. Um, so what??? It is still part of the grocery budget! He doesn't get that ALL money (cash, credit, check, blood money) is all in the same category. It is like he thought because he had cash on him that it "didn't count."

ARGH!!!!! He needs to understand that in order for things to get better, we BOTH have to be careful.

Need to check where we are on the budget.....I think we are way over where we should be. GRRR. This is tough.


  1. Look at it on the bright side, it's just ice cream, at least he's not going behind your back and buying booze and getting drunk ;)

  2. No, but in order for this to work he needs to understand that all these little, seemingly harmless items add up.