Thursday, December 15, 2016

TWO posts in one week....are you shocked?

We got Amazon Prime a little over a year ago as an experiment.  I wanted to try and get our household goods through them, vs big box store.  So we signed up when it was on special for $67.  And now we love Amazon.  I order so much through them and it is so much better than having to go to the store.  Love it.'s post is in praise of the small business.  There is something to be said for the little guy.

I ordered G-man something from Amazon.  It arrived and I looked at it and said Meh.  Just wasn't what I thought it would be.  So I went looking for a replacement.  I did an actual Google search, vs just looking through Amazon.  Found a small place in PA that had a product more in line with my original thought.  Plus, they had free shipping on this product.  Yay!

Only one thing....the variety pack I was ordering had 2 things that I was not as happy with.  I looked through their site and found 2 other products I preferred ....which were the same price.   So I called them to see if I could make a substitution.  Worst thing they could say was no....or tell me there was an additional charge.  In either case, I would thank them for their time and  continue my search.

Spoke to a lovely woman...I have a feeling it was her shop.....she said no problem!  One item I wanted was now out of stock and she offered a comparable item.  While we were on the phone, she put my order aside.  She asked me to still order through the website so I could get the free shipping and it helps with their metrics.  She was going to be the person to ship it, so she now had a note about what I wanted.

I hung up and placed my order, and referenced our phone call in the note section.  My order will be shipped today, with a delivery of Monday.  Since it is a Christmas gift....that works.

Small businesses are able to give that customized service that big box can't always do.  I will return my original Amazon gift and am much happier with my new selection. Three cheers for small businesses!


  1. Love shopping at small businesses, using Etsy a lot since my daughter is an artist and has a shop. But not gonna lie, love my Amazon as well.

    1. I love Etsy. I have purchased alot of great stuff over the years. Only 1 bad experience.