Monday, August 17, 2015

Still here....still quiet

All is quiet on the western (eastern?) front.

No house news.

The next two weeks will be a blur of activity, and then we will settle into the usual back to school routines.  This week includes happy hour/goodbye party for our staff that are leaving (2 full time, 1 part time).  The changes at work will be rough.  They already have been, but getting 2 new staff at once (one of which is new to this work) has challenges.    I also have a hair cut first since March.  WAY overdue.

G-man comes home on Saturday!  Beyond the fact that he misses dad is driving him bat-shit crazy.  He really needs a break from it.  If the tension stays at this level, it will make things so much more difficult.  Of course my dad doesn't see his role in any of this.  But honestly, there are things that G-man is doing that is contributing to it as well.  A break will be good.

We have a family wedding to attend while G-man is home.  There is all sorts of drama around this when it comes to my parents (who are not coming).   G-man and I will go and have a nice time.  The kids were not invited (much to the dismay of my mother....who isn't the point where she was going to call and ask why....and I said it is their wedding, they get to decide the guest list....and she said blah blah blah.... I am trying really hard to just leave it alone).

I took one day off while he is home so we can take the kids to the beach (crossing of right now, the weather isn't looking beach-y).  He will also do some maintenance stuff to the car, show me how to shut off the water to the faucet outside, and a bunch of other little things that I don't know how to do.  But mostly we will hang out, have dinner as a family, just cram as much as we can in before he leaves again.

School starts in 10 days.  We went shopping for first day of school outfits (boy I miss the days where I went and picked out something cute for both of them....) and got school supplies.  They both have finished their summer project ( at least one book and write a book talk; Bossy read a 133-page book on his own and Sassy has read about 30 books this summer).  I am really holding off on getting clothes, as neither needs them at the moment.  Bossy is about to have a growth spurt, so I will see where that takes us.  They both needed new undergarments and socks....$75 later I think they are both set.

School starts today in the town where we are hoping to move.  It is a bummer that we aren't there.  But it will be ok.

The kids' bday is coming as well.  They will be in school, but since it will only be the second day, I doubt it will be too taxing.  They each picked what they want for dinner (per tradition), and for the first time in years....they picked something that "goes" with each other.  I have Bossy's gift, and part of Sassy's.  But really all they wanted was to hang out with Dad .

Our retirement loan falls below 10k this week.  Today is payday, but the balance usually takes a day or two to update.  It will be nice to see the new number.  4 digits are just better than 5.  Only 5 more checks before it rolls down to the next thousand.  Not that I am counting.

Like I said......quiet.......


  1. Quiet is good. Enjoy having your husband home.

  2. I can't imagine living with my in-laws for a year. You have one tough husband!

    1. He is ready to throttle them. And I am sure he is doing some things that get under their skin as well. Everyone is just sucking it up and doing what needs to be done.

  3. Sounds like a tough situation - you're all troopers!

    1. Thanks. I am sure we will look back on this and see how strong we all were. Right now all I can think about is making it all go away.