Thursday, August 27, 2015

Always SOMETHING going on!

Craziness combined with routine combined with GAK!....that has been the theme of the week.

G-man arrived on Saturday....and as soon as we walked through the door....we were getting ready for a showing.  It was supposed to be later in the day, and at the last minute it got moved up.  So yeah.  They didn't like the neighborhood or the kitchen, so onward and upward.

Sunday night we had a wedding to attend.  And at every turn, something was going wrong in getting ready.  I will spare you the details.  The wedding itself was nice, despite having to have the "what the hell is wrong with your parents" conversation with each and every family member.

Monday we went to the beach...and I have discovered that I am actually a "beach" person despite not thinking I was!  All the cares and the stress just melted away.  We played in the water, collected shells.  We brought lunch with us, so we sort of grazed all day.  The weather was perfect.  My family was back was bittersweet.

Tuesday I headed back to work.  G-man and kids hung out.  We spent the day dealing with school and Bossy's messed up schedule (I have been trying to get this fixed for 3 weeks). G-man went out that night with friends, so the evening was quiet.

Yesterday....I thought I would blow a gasket.  School still had the schedules messed up.  Back and forth all day with the guidance counselor and Special Ed teacher.  Trying to work.  G-man had my car so he took the kids for haircuts, dropped off medical supplies at school, and tried to find the source of a squeak my car was making.  We had already put together backpack stuff, so we were ready for school.  However, as we were trying to go over a few things....we realized that the kids ended up in one class together!  All the moving stuff around....and we all missed this one.  So then we had to go over with Bossy that we will get it fixed...but for a few days, Sassy will be in there.  And he isn't in charge...and she can talk to her friends....and he can't tell her what to do....or where to sit.....and all the other things that tend to happen.

PLUS, payroll got messed up.  Boss thought he signed off on it and didn't.  So no one got paid.  It arrived today, but I was so thankful yesterday that I had bills scheduled to come out for tomorrow (which is exactly why I don't pay things on the assumption that direct deposit will always go through).  It didn't really impact me at all, but one employee was in a panic (it got worked out).

And the first day of school is today.  The kids walked PAST the bus stop to another bus stop.  No idea why.  Bus was late (typical).  Waiting on a return call from school (which won't be until this afternoon because of all the first day of school craziness) to fix Sassy's schedule and get her out of Bossy's class.  (We can't move him....he has an adult aide in his class that is assigned to a few kids).  Trying to work.

Tomorrow is the kids' birthday.  They wanted to cook out for dinner, so burgers and hot dogs it is (their choice).  Bossy doesn't like sweets in general.  So he opted for a bowl of Oreo cookies instead of  cake (and at that, he will eat 1).  She picked "dessert pizza" for her cake.  Okey dokey.

Saturday we "may" go back to the beach...but not sure yet.  We will do something fun.  Daddy leaves at 8:00am on Sunday again.....our week has gone way too fast. Pending the sale of the house (which I will discuss another time), we won't see him again until Christmas.  It is getting harder to say to goodbye....

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  1. My heart goes to you. There are always issues at the beginning of a school year, but they compounded by the sell of the house. Sending LOTS of buyer vibes your way!