Wednesday, March 26, 2014

On the mend

I am so sick of hearing SOMEONE in my family cough.  A month of listening to it has grated my nerves raw.  As a positive....we all seem to be on an upswing.  I know I personally feel soooo much better.

I worked a full day yesterday, and was grateful for a calm, quiet day at the office.  And as much as a jerk that my boss sometimes is (wow....that is some fine grammar there....), he knew I was good and sick.  He called me at the office before he came in and told me to only work as long as I could, and when I needed to go home....pack it up.  He was the one who sent me home on Monday just by listening to me on the phone!  He hasn't said a word to me about what I have pending or a time line to get it done.  He left me alone most of the day and just let me work.  I actually had a pretty productive day.  He is in an offsite meeting all day today and tomorrow, and one of the girls has some extra time today so she is going to help me with by Friday COB, I should be in good shape.

Now I need to slowly try and catch up at home!  The ole checkbook needs some balancing.....some bills need to be paid....checks to write.....shuffle shuffle shuffle.....

G-man's car goes in on Friday for the work it needs.  *sigh*  I am trying really hard not to focus on the $1500 (oh, and I found out that the $1500 included the diagnostics we had run last the bill this week will be $1400).  I will probably bring my car in for tires on Saturday.  That way we just deal with the car expenses all at once and it over with.  

In other random tidbits.....I have been playing with Twitter (one of my 40 before 40 things....), and had a small fangirl moment when a radio person that I follow, followed me back!  He also answered one of my comments.  It really  is quite silly, but it was a little charge.  Once I really figure out Twitter, I will let you know.

I promise...there will be something substantial to say soon.  We are all just trying to get back to base "normal" and then move on.  


  1. Your boss sounds nice LOL, hang in there, April will be here soon and things will be better.


    1. I am hoping April is better.....I need some fresh air!

  2. Haha. I don't get Twitter much, but I can understand the fangirl moment. Glad to hear you guys are on the mend... coughing fits are the worst, especially prolonged ones. I hate playing catch up... it seems I always am!

    1. I am not a big fan of social media...but I sort of got intrigued with Twitter because of hearing of fan 'live tweeting during a show. I rarely I am still deciding how I want to use Twitter. But I do respond to things I see. My husband laughed at me last night while I was

      Catch up....the story of my life!