Wednesday, February 5, 2014

This week just needs to end

Monday was rotten.  On my way home in the snow, I hit a patch of ice turning onto my street, and I skidded into the curb.  HARD.

Tuesday I discovered that my steering wheel was jacked to the left and my car was pulling hard to the right.  Terrific.  I went to the eye doctor, and while the appointment itself was fine, coming outside in bright sun and fresh snow was BRIGHT!!!  I had another appointment, and they didn't plow the parking lot, so my shoes and socks got soaked (I was in work clothes).  Trying to get out of the parking lot was a mess because the person in front of me didn't have the money to get out of the lot and messed the whole thing up.  I would have just given it to her if I had it.

Work was chaotic and busy.  Boss was in a foul mood.

Had the kids conferences (which were terrific!!  Bossy made Honors and Sassy made High Honors!).  But those ran LATE.  There were lots of people in front of us.  Our first appointment time was 5:50, and then we had a 6:00pm appt (yes, the conferences are 10 minutes...and yes, those were our times).  We didn't actually leave until 6:45pm.

So here we are on Wednesday.  We have a good 6 inches of snow already, and could have up to 10 inches.  I got up and started shoveling, as G-man was going to follow me to drop my car off at the shop.  I got a path to the cars done by the time he came out.  A few minutes later I told him to go get his coffee....he said he already had it and showed me his cup.  I asked where my cup was.  He just looked at me.  Thanks......

So we are digging the cars out...and I looked at the time.  7:26.  All I said to him was "it is 7:26" and he blew up at me that he still can't get his car out.  All I did was tell him the time.

We get to the shop (it is walking distance from our house....but our street hasn't been plowed yet).  The woman at the shop starts talking to G-man about my car and is it vibrating, is it blah blah....and he starts answering!!!  I said to him, haven't even driven my car.  A$$.  She then proceeds to tell us that they can't road test the car because of the weather, but they will look at it and hook it up to the alignment machine and see what they see.

G-man dropped me back home, and pulled right up to a snow bank on my side of the car.  A$$.

I am working from home, and have a huge project to do.  I am expecting my boss to call me all day.  Terrific.

No school today, again.

And today is the day, 11 years ago, that I had to perform CPR on Bossy when he almost died at home when he had a bowel blockage, just 5 days from coming home from the hospital.  Not a good day.  Not a good week.  Is it over yet????


  1. If you had married a woman, you probably wouldn't have these problems because we are more thoughtful. You married a man so you have to put up with your DH not thinking through everything.

    CONGRATS!!! Today is the anniversary of the day that you were able to use your training to save one of the people you love the most. While it was surely scary, you did it!!

    Cheer up, Sugar Muffin!! It's Hump Day!!!

    1. Thank you for the positive spin.....not a day I would wish on anyone.

      It is Hump Day....only 2 more hours until the week is OFFICIALLY half over!!!

    2. I object to that comment!! Men think through everything!


  2. Mysti, Mysti, Mysti! What day is it? ;-)

  3. Is it bad that I already knew what video it was before I opened it??? HAHAHA. Thanks for the pick me up.

  4. Sorry, a year from now you won't even remember this week.


  5. Men are just pigs sometimes, they just don't think. Go to your happy place and stay there today.

  6. This snow is enough to give anyone a bad week. Blech! I'm done with the snow!

  7. Only 2 more sleeps til Friday :)