Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Marching into March

I am glad that February is almost over.  Too many snow days plus an additional week of kids home for winter break....need to get back into routine.

March is looking promising for many reasons....
  • Hopefully the snow is behind us (we do have some snow in the forecast, but it seems minor)
  • 3-paycheck month for G-man
  • Tax return should arrive
  • Get all the loose ends tied up and decide what to do with our misc piles of savings
  • Change the clocks....hello sunlight!
  • We will hit the 50% mark on payoff of the retirement loan
  • Dental bill should be paid off
  • Sassy starts her enrichment science program (hello....FREE!  Paid for by a grant!)
  • Bossy has a camping trip (he comes home exhausted, but it is so good for him)
  • I have some organizational projects around the house that I am looking forward to work friend who we threw the baby shower for will be having those babies any day I get some newborn baby cuddles!

Only a few more days in February....just need to get through the week, and onward toward greener ground (once the snow melts.....)

Anyone else looking ahead????


  1. Leaving work the other day at 6:30 p.m. I noticed it was not totally dark yet, it was wonderful! Can't wait for the clocks to spring forward.

    We have lots of hockey in March, my son turns 12 on the 18th and it is March break in less than 2 weeks. In April my daughter turns 16 on Easter Sunday and I turn 39 the day before that(ugh).

    I absolutely am sick of the cold and snow and cannot wait for spring. Thanks for the reminder about taxes. Should get that done so I can buy new tires and front brakes :) The good times never end.

    1. If it makes you feel any better...part of our tax return is going to tires for my car, and I will be 39 in May...UGH.

  2. Absolutely!! This month has been a freakin PITA and I won't miss it. The only positive was our tax refund was a bit more than expected and it hit our account sooner than expected ya know to pay for all the c*ap that has happened.

  3. Woo hoo for 3-check month and tax returns! Lots of positives coming up. I too need to get new tires, apparently. But glad Feb is behind me. Hopefully I can move forward!

  4. I am always looking ahead and I ask myself why? But I am really ready for warm weather.

  5. I to am hoping March will bring some warmer weather, it's been a long cold winter.