Thursday, January 16, 2014

Net Zero

If two things happen in the same day, and they cancel each other out....are you still allowed to be excited and upset?

Our town did a reassessment of the houses for tax purposes, and it assessed lower than what we have been paying for the past 5 years!  I wish I was more savvy over the past years about this, or I would have had the house reassessed when the marked bottomed out. 

In 2008 (previous assessment), our house assessed at $133K (70% of market value).  Then the market tanked, and our house value plummeted.  But we continued to pay taxes based on the 2008 assessment.  Each year they have increased the mill rate, and our taxes continued to go up.  In 2008, our taxes were $3400 for the year.  Last year we paid $4126.  That is 21% higher than 5 years ago.

So, at a lower assessment, we are hoping our taxes will go down some.  It is all dependent on the mill rate, which hasn't been announced yet.  This will all go into effect for Oct 1.  They are sneaky that way....we will still have to pay at the higher assessment rate for July 2014 taxes, but our January 2015 will have the new numbers.

MAYBE it will go down a bit.  MAYBE.

G-man got cut off on his way to work, and in order to avoid being hit, he swerved....hit the curb....and blew out his tire.  When we bought this car in October, the tires were practically new.  And now, one is dead.

He has a full size spare on the car now....but now we will need to get a new spare, or at least a donut, incase something else happens.

I love how these things happened in the same is like the cosmos just can't let the good stuff just hang around.  It has to make sure it is negated.


  1. I have never known taxes to ever go down but one can always hope.

  2. About the tire blow out - you have to put things into perspective. Would you rather have to replace one tire.........or have to visit him in the hospital ICU for the next month(s) because he was seriously injured. Sounds like he got off "easy" here. Really - it could have been MUCH worse. Yes, it sucks that it wasn't his fault - but thankfully he was alert and able to divert a serious crash. Count your blessings.

  3. Oh honey, did you read my post last week? I am singing your song. But G-man's accident could have been much, much worse.

  4. Most places you can challenge the most recent assessment you pay(some places you can do this retroactive to the previous year's payment). Might be worth seeing what the appeal process involves.

    Sorry to hear about the tire problem but it's not an insurmountable one. Better a tire than body damage on the car and/or the husband! ;-)