Thursday, January 9, 2014

Just wait.....

Here is a perfect case of "if you just wait long enough, the tides change."

You may have noticed that my Adult update was "part one", and additionally, it largely was not about me.  Granted, G-man's stuff effects does the house stuff (and I didn't even tell you about
the cats...that was a chunk of change!).  My plan was to do a separate post about my stuff...and I actually had a decent amount written.  I started it on Monday....some stuff happened on Tuesday......I wrote some more early Wednesday morning.  I ran out of time and figured I would finish it later.

So here we are on Thursday afternoon....and a bunch of what I wrote is now irrelevant.

G-man and I have some talking to do.  Unfortunately, our next "face to face" time is Friday night, and Friday night never seems to be a good "heavy" conversation time.  So Saturday night will be the talk.

So in the mean time, I really appreciate the warm welcome back.  I will update you on the financial stuff soon....although it really isn't that interesting!  But I will let you know the state of affairs.

I also have a post planned that is just show off my creative stay tuned for that.

And no HS....I won't be posting any pics of me!


  1. Boo, no pics. :( I did notice how it was mostly about G-man, so I figured the next part was going to be about you. I too find that if I start writing something and I don't post it, it becomes irrelevant so fast. Time rages on with a vengeance these days.

  2. Just so glad you are back even if I don't know what you look like. I think of you as a Fairy Princess!