Friday, October 18, 2013

And now we are behind the 8 ball

G-man's car totally DIED yesterday.  We were just hoping to get it through the shutdown.  I guess we got our wish.....

We didn't want to take on a loan while the government was shutdown.  I mean, our income was screwed up, and we had no idea for how long.  Not the ideal time to take on a loan.  So we were being ginger with the car....driving it as little as possible.

Last night at 11pm, when he left his office.....all sorts of lights and alarms went off.  His co-worker happened to be right there, and she was able to follow him home, just to make sure.  But it is now completely undriveable.

I found out about this at 6:01am.  I came downstairs, annoyed with he was obviously awake.  C'mon dude....if you were already get the kids ready for school and let me sleep a few more minutes.  But he said we had to talk....and here we are.

So we spent from 6:02am-6:35am coming up with a game plan for today and tomorrow....only having one car is hard with work, appointments, kid stuff.  Today he will drive me to with car stuff all day.....drop Bossy at his last Occupational Therapy session....get me from work....pick up Bossy.....bring Sassy to her dance.....

And tomorrow I will have to drive him to work.  All I can say is "Thank you car for doing this on a Friday and not a Tuesday....cause the middle of the work week would have been SOOOOO much harder."

I applied on-line for the loan with my credit union and got "undecided" as the decision.  I will have to call the main office later this morning.  This is so typical....

Oh, and the now dead car also has a flat tire.

Happy Friday!!!!