Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Attention Sewing People!!!

Kim?  Carla?

I have this idea for a window treatment, but I don't know if it is plausible.  So that is where you sewing people come in.  Tell me if this will work.

I have 2 windows that are awkward for curtains.  One is behind the sofa, the other has a radiator (covered) under it.  Standard length curtains are too bulky and never fit right.  And short curtains look weird.  Plus, we are over the tie back look.

What I want to do is use something like a table runner to create streamlined panels that will go on either side of the windows.  I can stitch some ribbon loops onto the back so they can hang off the curtain rod.

Here is where it gets tricky.....

I want some pops of color in the room....and I was sort of thinking of changing the pop of color seasonally....burnt orange in the fall, red for winter, etc.

I want to create an interchangable panel that will attach to the runner.....probably in the middle, so you can see it....and change it out each season.  I am thinking hidden snaps or buttons.

Does that make any sense, and how hard is that to do???

Here is the runner I am looking at as a maybe.  It might be too beige and not grey enough though.  But I like the pattern:


  1. That would probably work... are your windows pretty slim? 14" isn't very wide at all. Snaps & buttons could work, you could do velcro as well (as long as you always have someone on it, or it'll look ghetto. lol! ;)

    1. One window is 41" and the other is 32" (or something around there). I just don't want alot of bulk. A table runner was an idea that I had that would already be may be too slim. Dunno. This isn't my thing!!!

  2. I think I would use good size snaps or just have two different runners with ribbons for each season. Look after the holidays for runners on sale. Do you sew ay all? Put Bossy's patches on with clear thread. Zig zag and no one will see the boo boos. That is what I do.

  3. I was not able to view the website with the table -runner. After much thought (3 years ago) I created(?) seasonal valances to use in my l. Room. I bought green/orange/black,red/green,blue/tan,and green/ tan checked fabric. Fortunately I bought it on sale $2 or $3 yard. Suddenly it dawned on me to use the reverse side for another season. I made squares,but placed them over the rod as triangles. It is difficult to explain. I could draw a diagram if you would want to send me your address. Using the same material, I made panels for the kitchen. You can sew a straight line and make these.