Thursday, August 15, 2013

More Warranty Talk

Thanks for everyone who weighed in.  I do want to clarify a few things though.

1.  This is a higher end product (but on the low side of high, if that makes sense.

2.  The warranty is a one time fee, not per year.  So if we got the 4 yr plan, we would pay $109, and that is it.

3.  The stove is highly electronic.

4.  We have bought warranties in the past, and used them, and were glad we had them.  We have also bought them and didn't use them.  Or not bought them and wished we would have.

Right now, we are leaning towards NO....but still debating.

And I am convinced the fridge is in cahoots and it will die soon.  Like the old married couple who can't live without each other.  Wish we could replace both!


  1. Low side of high end makes perfect sense. Smart move! Nah, don't buy the warranty. I assume it's a stove to which you are referring? Would the extended warranty on your old one have helped? Does the store from which you are buying it have good policies? I hate to mention stores/brands, but we have a warehouse here, (which shall remain nameless) which holds its vendors accountable, meaning a two year return to store policy, even better on their own branded items. Downside: small selection, no delivery.A high end vacuum started working poorly at just under 2, and they took it back. (At that point they had stopped carrying the item.) Our appliances from them. (branded with their name) are still great at ten years. But again, they lack the selection/convenience of an appliance store. Good luck!

    1. Old Stove was 20+ years old, so well past any warranty stage. Even when we bought the house in 2001, it was almost 10 years old at that point.

      We are purchasing from a large home improvement store....

  2. In the last two years we purchased new washer and dryer, refridgerator, dishwasher, double oven, and over-the-stove microwave. The home we purchased was a foreclosure and the dishwasher and ovens were on life support when we arrived. The washer, dryer, and refidgerator were planned replacements. We also bought the low side of high end and did not purchase extended warranties on any of it. Our experience with extended warranties is nothing breaks until long after it's expired.

  3. It is insurance over the item. How much does the stove cost? How much would a repair for a simple problem be, and how likely is it that it breaks within 1-4yrs? Most things will (or should!) be ok for at least 5 years. If it's a higher end item, then I don't think it would break before the warranty runs out. If the stove is less than 1k, then I'd flatly say no, but if it's higher, I'd look into the repair costs. The store probably can tell you what sorts of problems the machine is prone to experience, and the repair cost of those.