Sunday, August 11, 2013

GBU - August 11, 2013

Happy Sunday!

  • Last occupational therapy session of the summer (while Bossy does need it, and gets alot from it....sometimes it is nice to not run the roads)
  • Met with the Financial Advisor regarding Bossy's Trust.
  • Had a nice time at the baseball game.  My boss hosted a box suite and had it catered.
  • Said NO to my friend on an event I knew we couldn't afford.
  • Cleared out a drawer and reorganized....but finding it still needs a little work.

  • The check engine light STILL can't decide if it wants to be on or off....but will need to be looked at soon.  As soon as we deal with our MURPHY visit.
  • Behind in work stuff, and will probably be dragging my kids into the office later today.
  • Mosquito bites!

  • Oh devil.  Why, oh why!!!!  Rest in Peace, Oven.
  • Bossy's new med supply bill came, and they didn't take off the discount.  Add that to the list of phone calls I need to make.
  • Camp screwed up Bossy's med transport.
  • In my August funk....

  • The weather has been great!!  A little humid on a few days, but this weekend has been perfect!

So....where are you all at this week???


  1. The Good: Got a bonus!
    The Bad: Thing 1 is nearing the end of his journey with us. I feel that I'll be making a decision in the next couple of days.
    The Ugly: Job in limbo.

  2. Sorry to hear about the oven! Hopefully they go on sale now that it's so hot and few people think of turning it on.

  3. I am SO sorry about your oven - the only thing worse than appliances going ... is cars going .... oh, oops - sorry, never mind!

    Hope your week gets better!