Thursday, June 27, 2013

Are you organized?

A few people commented how organized I am in regards to my post the other day.

Organized????  Eh.  More like organized chaos.

I am a planner (gee, aren't you surprised?).  I need to know what the plan is, how we are achieving it, and what the steps are to insure success.  I also like to play devil's advocate and come up with every scenario in the book that could go wrong, and trouble shoot those before they happen....just in case.

I like to set up appointments well in advance and it drives me nuts when I can't.  I like to arrive early, and my co-pay is ready to go (if applicable).

I balance my checkbook every morning.   I pay my bills in a certain way (on-line, some bills from paycheck 1 and some from 2).  I still use a paper register.

My kids have a routine, and largely their routine hasn't changed since they were very little.  As they are getting older, they are more independent.  But they know the routine, so they just do stuff.  This morning, I came downstairs....both had made their breakfast already.  Both were dressed and wearing their field trip shirts.  My coffee pot was set up the night all I had to do was get my coffee and set up Bossy's tube feeding.   I went upstairs to get ready for work....came downstairs and they had already gotten their water bottles prepped.   Right now, Daddy makes lunch...but that will start to change next school year when they will assume those duties.

All of this sounds great, right???  Well, on the surface is it.  However, there are lots of things that are not nearly that organized.  

I am a pile person.  I have a ton of piles.  Mostly stuff I am not sure what to do with.  I know what is in all the piles.  I just don't know where to put the individual things  We don't have great storage, and none of our current furniture things are working (which is why I want to do a major makeover of the office area!).

I have a zillion things that are at the 85% stage.  They need one more final "thing."  But they sit forever until I come back around to it.

I keep the catelina coupons from the grocery store, and never use them.  Mostly because I forget about them.

I never lose my keys (they have a hook where I also hang my purse.  BUT, in my purse....I lose them all the time.  I have a purse that zips in the middle and snaps on either side, and I swear....I lose my keys in my purse every single time.

I have a habit of using my debit card, and not putting it back in my wallet.  So then I have to search through my purse to see where it is.

I walk around with pens at work.  And leave them where I go.  Then can't find them.  And have to go find my pen on another work surface.

I know there are easy fixes to alot of these things....I just can't actually bring myself to DO it.   

So for those of you who commended me for my organization.....thank you....but trust me....all isn't what it appears.  :)


  1. I too get some catalina coupons I never use because I just forget. It's a shame too. I'm not organized at all. In many ways, I'm a lot like the hotel I work at: front of the house flows gently and without missing a step, little hiccups here and there, but everything is flawless. Back hall? Pure chaos. People running, bumping into things, we can't find a darn thing, we got the wrong food, we ran out of dressing... yeah. Controlled chaos.

  2. Sounds like you've got the important things under control!

    1. Yes, but the less important things still drive me nuts. :)

  3. I think we're twins, Mysti ;-) If you find my pen, let me know!

    1. Will do! I have 2 on my desk right now....need one?

  4. I could have written this! It doesn't make sense that in some areas we can be so organized (at work) and in some areas (at home) it's just plain crazy. I have half finished projects, piles of papers that I need to go through and am always looking for something! It's good to know I'm not the only one.

    1. At work, I process thousands of pieces of paper a month. I don't lose things. I know where everything is....except my pen!

      I dream of having a home that is uber organized. I swear, if I could take a month off and just clean it all out, I would.

  5. I feel a sisterhood with you:
    Pile person - yes, oh yes
    Coupon never user - yes
    Debit cards never going back in the right spot - yes