Thursday, May 23, 2013

An emergency vet visit

I am worried today.  One of my cats seems to be "off."  He is 14 yrs old, and has always been in good health.  Other than he likes to eat super fast and then puke it up a minute later.

He is a lap cat.  Especially if you have a blanket.  As soon as you sit down, there he is.  Rub me, cuddle me, love ME.  And he is just so darn sweet you can't help but do it.

The very first night we got him, he was so scared.  He hid under the bed in the guest room and wouldn't come out.  I kept trying, and G-man convinced me to just leave him alone and he would come out when he was ready.  Eventually we went to bed....and a minute later I heard "patter patter patter JUMP."  He hopped up on the bed, snuggled in by my feet, and that has been his nighttime sleeping spot ever since.

He stayed in bed with me when I was on bedrest during my pregnancies.  He put his little white mitten paws on my belly and kept us all safe.

And he is VOCAL.  Of our 3 cats, he is definitely the loudest.  He meows at nothing (we say he is talking to his ghost friend).  At meal time he stands at the cabinet and keeps meowing, even as you are getting the food out.  He makes his presence heard.

But the last few days....he hasn't been social.  He isn't eating.  He doesn't seem to have the usual spring in his step.  He hasn't cuddled or slept with us.  He isn't meowing.  He isn't HIM.

So as soon as the vet opens this morning, I will call and make an appointment. 

He is my first bebe......and I am not ready to lose him.  I know that all pets pass on, and I don't know if this is the beginning of the end.  I just know that for today, I am terribly worried about him.

Please keep him in your thoughts......


  1. Best wishes, Mysti. Hope the vet has some good news for you.

  2. Hope it's nothing serious with kitty!

  3. I hope he's ok. Please keep us posted.