Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kid changes...part two A...the Sassy Edition

Those of you who have kids who are older than mine (they will be 11 this summer) are going to take a trip down memory lane.  Those of you whose kids are younger than mine are going to say to yourself "is that what is really going to happen to my precious, adorable child?"

Um yeah.  Start preparing now.

The funny thing about having boy/girl watching how physically they are different even though you know they are the same exact age.  Girls naturally mature before boys, that is just Biology.  But when you see it in front of really is something else.

Oh Sassy.  I am not ready for you to be a teen.  Wanna stay little just a bit longer???  No?  Yeah, I didn't think so....

Sassy has gotten tall.  Very Tall.  I am almost 5'8", and G-man is 6'4".  It is in her genes.  But this rapid growth has caused a few things.
  •  She tried on her spring and summer clothes from last year, and just about NOTHING fit.  All the t-shirts were tight and showed her belly if she lifted her hands..  She couldn't zip her jeans. 
  • She has stretch marks on her thighs.  Really nasty ones.  Vitamin E cream, here we come.
  • She has complained a few times about her legs hurting (I had joint pain in my knees when I grew)

She is also starting to "blossom."  (Men, look away).  She doesn't need a bra YET, but we are getting there.  I am guessing that by the end of the summer, she will be in something.  Particularly since she will be starting 6th grade, and changing for gym class.

We have started to have some more grown up talks.  The breast talk went well (this is normal and natural....blah blah).  The menstruation talk...well that was met with "ewwwww, GROSS!".  She emphatically said she wasn't going to do that.  Uh, yeah....sure.  Let me know how that works out for ya.  We haven't had THE talk yet.....wish me luck.

We did talk about body changes, including hair growth.  Oh my.  I wasn't ready for this.  Of all the talks, this is the one that knocked me on my arse.  Sassy takes a shower by herself.  I rarely see her unclothed body.  So I talked about getting hair in new places, and asked her if she had any.  She was a little embarrassed, but yes.....ok sweetie, can I see?

Oh.  My.  Goodness.

My kid had patches of hair under arms.  I was expecting a hair or two.  I was NOT expecting a PATCH.  I looked at her legs, and yes, her peach fuzz has started to change.  We didn't go past this...I told her that it is normal to get more hair, but that is her business, but I am happy to talk about it if she needs to. I am going to have to teach her how to SHAVE.  She can't go to camp with big patches of hair under her arms.  She will be made fun of!  So once the weather gets a little warmer....I have to teach my kid how to safely shave!


I am already starting to picture our bathroom being overrun with teenage girl stuff.  More razors, lotions, hair products.  Oh my.   Add in her soon to be bras.  I can't do this!!!

And the ATTITUDE.  It isn't an always there thing...but boy can she get nasty at times.  She stomps around.  She doesn't have a door on her room right now (just a curtain), so she goes into the bathroom to slam the door.  She rolls her eyes.  She talks back.  Oh no my little girl.  That isn't going to fly around here.

She does not have her own cell phone yet.  But she likes to text "us."  So she will borrow my phone (with permission) to text her dad or Nannie.  She has all the text lingo down, the emoticons, the abbreviations.  It is just a matter of time before she asks for her own phone (and for the record, we don't think she is ready yet, so the answer will be No for now.  I am fully aware this will come in the future).

Oh my little baby.....where did you go?????

Sassy at 2.5 yrs
Sassy at 10.5 yrs


  1. Wow, she's taller than I am! Looks like you're in for a very fun summer!

    1. She was 4'10" in OCtober. I will have to measure her...but she is closing in on 5'0"!

  2. I feel your pain!

    I have an almost 14 y/o and I am so NOT ready for this stuff. I nearly fainted when I heard aunt flo made an appearance. I shouldn't be too surprised, women in my family start around 11.

    The attitude doesn't surprise me too much, her dad and I both are hot tempered. I do love (sarcasm) when she tries to tell me how it is and I gotta remind her that I have been her age but she's never been mine so I know best. Trust me I wasn't the best teen (reacting badly to some abuse that was going on at home) so there isn't much she can do that I won't see coming first.

    My mom likes to remind me that one day I will be her watching my kid go thru it with their kids and most times that makes me laugh (and say out loud then I'm not watching any of my grandkids) ;-)

    1. In October when she was at the doctor for a check up, I asked about Aunt Flo, and they said she didn't apprear TOO close....but to use myself as a guide. I was 12. So, I am guessing sometime in the next year and half. When I talked about feminine hygiene projects, I swear....all the color drained from her face!

  3. Just wait....Mine turned 18 and I have a 16th birthday next is just beginning. Wait until they come to you to find out what YOU did in your younger years.

    1. Me? Oh I was a perfect angel. Model teenage daughter. Never yelled or broke the rules. Certainly never acted out or did things with boys.


      I am so screwed. :)

  4. Having been through 3 of these, I totally understand! But she is so beautiful.

  5. My daughter is just slightly younger than yours and we are going through the same thing. My daughter is a little more patient and excited about growing older though. She has minimal hair, but is already wearing a beginner's bra most of the time. She is as thin as your daughter as well and TALL!

    As my only daughter and LOTS of boys, I am dreading this part too!

    1. She is excited about her breasts....the rest....not so much!!!

  6. Replies
    1. Take notes.....this will be you in 10 yrs. LOL

  7. Well, if it's any consolation she is GORGEOUS :) Kids grow up faster these days - in all ways, unfortunately. I have 2 boys & I am so grateful for that LOL. I know we'll have our own issue, but I just know I couldn't deal with a teenage ME!

  8. Well, you warned me, but I still felt my heart start to pound. Mine are 5, 3, and 1. Oh boy.

    And she is stunning. At both ages.