Thursday, February 14, 2013

Trying to go with the flow

I am the first to admit that going with the flow isn't my specialty.  I am more of a "build a dam and make it do what I want" kind of gal.  But I am trying.  I think as I am approaching 40 (2 years, 3 months to go), I am just realizing that my life is what I make of it, and some fights aren't worth it.

So this week has been about adjusting as we go.

Snow.  Oh the snow.  My kids' school was cancelled for the WEEK.  They already had tomorrow off for Professional Development, and next Monday and Tuesday as well.  Last Friday, and Monday-Thursday of this, not planned.  There is a survey about taking away the Tuesday scheduled vacation day vs. a vacation day in April (just make a decision people!).  All of this is out of my control (other than participating in the survey).  I am working from home today....G-man took yesterday off. 

Valentines' Day.  Long time readers may know why today is a "hot button" day for me.  I am not going to rehash it.  If you really want to know...dig around, you will find it.  But it is what it is.  We got the kids a little something (Sassy's little something was way more of an adventure than it was worth...again....go with the flow, right?).  Otherwise, I am trying to ignore the day.

Parents.  It is amazing how cutting them off still yields them getting under my skin.  But I am trying really hard not to let them get to me.  Like, I sent Dad an e-card for his birthday, which he didn't open for several days.  Out of my control.  And the box they sent the kids (addressed to them only) for Valentine's Day.  Not even a note to their daughter. just let it go.

Cable bill.  I screwed up my timing somehow.  And I owed for two months.  Not sure what I did.  But it is done, and I had to pay the piper.  GRRR.  Dust myself off and keep on trucking.

Overall budget.  As a whole....not too bad!  I am waiting until Monday to update the side bar, because there will be several payments that will post between now and then, and I want the numbers to be as low as possible.  Mostly good stuff!!  Now that we have a better idea of what our paychecks look like since the tax changes, I would like to tweak it again and TRY to eek out just a little bit (even just $10 a paycheck) towards some of the things we would like to do but need to save for.

Health.  I had my physical this week, and overall, things are fine.  Need to go in for the standard bloodwork and analysis to check my protein levels in my urine (I have a kidney issue).  But the big thing is my weight.  I gained all but 5 lbs of the weight I lost back.  And the dr wants to make sure I am keeping my kidneys safe.  So....I have to make this a priority.  I have avoided it and whined that I need to do it.  But maybe it is that 4-0 age that is nagging at me.  The funny thing....he wants me to lose 4-0 lbs to start!!!  I love my doctor....he is a total realist.  He said "look, you are tall, and broad.  You aren't going to be a stick thin model.  Let's shoot for a higher healthy weight, and fine tune it later."  The BMI chart would have me lose 60-75 lbs.  But he said he would be happy at 40.

Happy at 40......I think that is my new mantra.



  1. For your cable bill, can you call them and ask for payment arrangements where they split the extra bill in 2 or 3 and tack it on the next 2-3 month's bills? I know some phone companies do that, so it may help ease the burden.

    Your parents sound very... typically spiteful, and that's good that you're just letting that one go. They seem very intent on getting on your nerves with little acts like that. I know at some point, I'd probably return the whole box to them. If they want to be part of your family, they have to take in the whole family and not just pick and choose.

    1. Already paid the cable bill....but good suggestion.

      Parents...spite be thy name. At some point I probably will say "take all of us, or leave it." And they will throw it back that I am the problem, and I don't accept them, thus everything is my fault. So for now, I will just let it go....

  2. Awesome that you and your doc are focused an what's realistic and healthy! I work in the operating room, and see every day what a difference it makes to be making your health a priority, instead of just letting it slide.

  3. Mysti do you remember when I threatened to round everyone up to kick kims hiney if she didnt relax well your next :) Let your parents go there is nothing you can do, I know its hard but seriously it effects not just you but your children to.

    And as someone who is 44 and trucking towards 45 I am going to tell you...the small shit doesnt really matter. And in your life your parents are sadly the small shit and your children and husband are the things that matter.

    And as for valentines day just let it go. Dont keep reliving the pain, instead just make it another day. Will and I dont celebrate it....what makes it different from Feb 15th

    Now dont make me load up the car.....relax...let the stress the end of your life you can never have these days back. God is not going to say oh give her another 22 days because of all the days she wasted worrying..we get what we get..NOW GO ENJOY YOUR FAMILY OR I AM STARTING THE CAR AND PICKING EVERYONE UP

  4. I was going to say something but j udy said it better.

    I LOVES YOU!!!