Monday, February 25, 2013

Chasing My Tail

Both kids had "Friday letters" (they write a letter to someone at home telling about their week) for me this morning.  See, Friday was busy when I got home, and I didn't look.  Then I forgot to look.  So this morning when both of them handed me their notebooks....I was a little blind sided.  Granted, it doesn't take that long to read the letter and write back, but they handed it to me while I was balancing the checkbook and figuring out lunch money.

It was only 7:30am.... I already knew today was going to be a busy day!

Plus, today is the Swagbucks birthday bash, so I was trying to load it onto my phone so I could participate while I was at work (shhhhh).

And it is my friend's birthday, so I needed to wish her a happy birthday.

And I baked mini cupcakes for bookfair (no, I didn't DO bookfair, but I did bake).  Had to drop those off at school.  Ran into the Special Ed teacher, so he and I talked for a bit.

We are at 9:00am.

Off to work, and as soon as I walked through the door, it was "Mysti, can I ask you a question?"  45 minutes later I had nothing to show for my 45 minutes other than ALOT of answered questions.

Busy day all day....

Home at will be home by 3:40 (it is 3:36 right now).  Gotta throw the laundry into the dryer.  Dishes need to be done (thanks hon....).  Homework. 

Still trying for those bonus Swagbucks (how people manage to get 3,000 in a day is beyond me.  I am LUCKY if I get I am up to 86.  Woo hoo.).

Sassy was invited to a party on Saturday but doesn't know the I need to contact the mom.

Oh walking through the is 3:39.  Can I call it or what?

Have some bills to pay, and some other misc "stuff." 

Gotta run....the kids have been home 30 seconds and are already fighting.....


  1. You've done well! I've only gotten 15 from the birthday bash. Oh well.

  2. Well HEY - our days were a lot alike :)

    I think I joined Swagbucks a while ago, but I never quite caught on ....

    1. If you get used to using Swagbucks for your searches, even things you go to regularly, you get points. Eventually you have enough points for gift cards!

      I have over 14,000 points right now....saving them for a project.

      Hope your day slowed down....mine hasn't!

  3. Those days are nuts. I'm mad at Swag bucks. I don't have time for all these special things they do.

    1. I don't have time for this stuff either. I really didn't like when I got an email in the middle of the day saying "where are you? Why aren't you doing more?"

      I put in the codes (I looked them up), and at home I didn't really do much different than I usually do. I ended up with 191 points, which includes the 15 point bonus for hitting my "goal" for the day.

      For the record...I usually get about 20 points a day...usually I get 7 or 8 from a search, then the rest are misc from toolbar, polls, and keeping the SBTV on in the background when I am on the computer.

      Like I do people get thousands a day???