Monday, December 31, 2012

A quick review

Here is the thing about this year....nothing happened.  I mean, nothing out of the ordinary or special.  Nothing overly traumatic.  Nothing overly great.  It  A couple of minor Murphy visits regarding the house and cars.  Some medical stuff.  But as a whole, 2012 is a little lackluster.

When I look at our debt numbers, I know what happened for the most part:

  • The retirement loan "replaced" the credit card debt, plus some for the new mattress.  Since that repayment plan is automatically deducted from G-man's paycheck, it just did its thing.  I have toyed with changing the repayment amount (roughly $50 a month more, and the loan will be paid off by Dec 31, 2015, which is about 4 months early), but with all the government changes, now is not the time to do that.
  • My student loan...I make a payment, the number goes down.  As much as I would like to pay more to it, that isn't possible at this moment.  
  • My car loan....same deal.  It just continues to go down.  The current pay off date is Fall 2016, although I am hoping to shave a year off of it.
  • The actual credit cards....*sigh*.  We were doing really well for several months after doing the retirement loan.  August was a loss of self control, adding to card with back to school shopping and some random things.  Tack on our trip to see my parents, a few more random things, and some vehicle trouble....and here we are.
  • Medical...I knew that Bossy's supplies would continue to build.  Until we are at a point where we can make the payment that covers the cost AND add in more to pay it off, it is going to be what it is going to be.  He has had this feeding tube for 10 years....and we are SOOOO hoping this is the last year.
  • No way of knowing that I was going to need surgery this year.  The $1000 we spent (or are currently paying off) on that was our portion after insurance.  
  • Dental....*sigh*  No way of knowing that I would need a root canal and crown.  Our lousy, good for nothing dental insurance (which again, for the record, is part of our medical insurance plan...we don't pay "extra" for it) covered ZERO. 
Our EF was steadily building toward $2000, but a Murphy visit to fix the washing machine, and money needed for our trip to my parents' house brought it down by $600.  Still working on rebuilding that.

Overtime for G-man....goal was 100 hrs.  Technically he came in at 95 (so close!!), although 8 hrs of it won't be "paid" until his first paycheck in 2013.  Overtime in the coming year will be tight.  I am doubtful we will be anywhere close to 100 hrs.

Looking ahead.....I am not sure.  I have some ideas kicking around....but I will save those for another day.  Just feeling a little disappointed today.  No one to blame this time....this one was all on us.


  1. To me, it sounds like a normal life of a family with kids. Nothing too traumatic, nothing too exciting, just living.

    Murphy visits you a little too much though - I think you deserve a Murphy free year!

  2. Good luck with your progess in the New Year.

  3. All in all, I think the lackluster has its silver lining bright. Sure, nothing outstanding happened, but also nothing devastating, and that's really good in itself. I seem to build up my EF and lose it every couple of months, so I should know of that disappointment. But no use feeling sorry, especially not with a brand new year ahead of you. Make the point to start it with a good attitude. Fake it 'til you make it!

  4. When it comes to my money, I would much rather have a quiet year than a drama filled one.
    Congrats on having a boring money year. ;-)

  5. Washing machine trouble, car trouble...sometimes all those things come at once, but then *fingers-crossed* they are all good for the next few years. Good luck for 2013!

  6. Boring isn't always bad. Our financial year (minus Hurricane Sandy flooding our car) was pretty "boring" too. Wishing you nothing but good luck, murphy free living, and financial prosperity in 2013!