Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I was just trying to clean.....

Sunday morning.  I was straightening up the kids' bedrooms.  Since Thanksgiving weekend is our big decorating weekend, I was making sure the kids' rooms were ready for their trees.

I was in Sassy's room, vacuuming.  Her room is small.  Usually only takes a minute or 2.  And it did....the mess that I made, however, took another 30 min.

Sassy has a narrow space at the end of her bed, where her bookcase is.  Where her fishtank resides.  Anyone want to venture a guess where this is going......

I bumped the bookcase with the vacuum....which knocked the plug from the light (which wasn't plugged in) down to the floor.....which I then sucked up with the vacuum in that split second.  The motion of the vacuum combined with the plug stuck in it....

Brought the fish tank to the floor.  It cracked.  Gravel went flying.  A gallon of water soaked into her carpet.  And fishy was left in the wake.

I got the fish into a cup of water, and it seems to be ok (as in, this was 48 hrs ago and it is still alive).  Then I had to clean up the rest.  *le sigh*

And yesterday I had to buy a new tank, gravel, and "decor" (the decor in her tank broke when it bounced off her foot board.).  That set us back about $30 total.

*just shaking my head.......*  It is always something!

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