Sunday, October 14, 2012

GBU - October 15, 2012

For every good week, there is a not-so-good week!

The Good:
  • Started a new budget system (more on this later).
  • New cell phone plan kicked in, saving us $35 a month.

The Bad:
  • Had to turn the heat on Friday night (was really trying to get to the end of October, but the temp dipped down into the 20's that night).
  • New copier at work is driving me nuts!  It makes noises every 45 seconds.  I am tearing my hair out.
  • My bluetooth (which I am addicted to) I am using G-man's....and I hate it.
  • RAIN!  So much RAIN!!!

The Ugly:
  • Decided to go to my parents house.
  • Kitty needs dental surgery.....$$$.
  • Fell down the basement stairs....OUCH!
  • More car repairs.
  • Some how we are missing 6 idea the name of the pattern or even the company that made don't think I can replace them.

  • My kids....just in general.  They have gotten into this thing that they want to sit with me in the evening and cuddle...both of the same time.  It is squishy....but to still have kids that want to cuddle with Mom is a blessing.

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week???

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  1. mine has been mainly a horrible week, one which I care not to remember. Glad you had some good things in your week though.