Sunday, September 30, 2012

GBU - September 30, 2012

Not too much to report for the week!!!

The Good:
  • Nice fat paycheck this week for me (of course it was all allocated to one thing or no "extra" left)
  • Bossy did well at his new social group at occupational therapy.

The Bad:
  • Car "is" $300 to fix (including oil change).  We paid $187, which covered the the oil change and all the diagnostics.  They didn't have time to fix it, so it will have to go back next week, when we will pay the remainder."
  • Currently Bossy is going to occupational therapy twice a 2 co-pays, until we can fully transition a few things.

The Ugly:
  • Nothing!!!  While the week was far from perfect....I wouldn't say anything was Ugly!

  • Bossy "held it together" at occupational therapy.  Some other boys in his social group were acting up, and he was able to not join in, because he knew he shouldn't.  May not sound great...but it is a huge accomplishment for him!
  • G-man got a 16-hr leave bonus (basically, they gave him back 16 hrs of leave) at the office as a thank you for an auxiliary duty he held for 8 years.

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week???


  1. Good stuff!!! :) GBU's...

    Good - Almost done another custom order
    - received another large custom order
    - My "baby" turns 18 today & is hanging out at home! :)
    - my sister made the birthday cake so I didn't have to
    - My asthma is great when I eat Paleo

    Bad - Our hydro bill was over by $60!!
    - I'm WAY behind on laundry
    - Hubby desperately needs new jeans but says he's "fine" just so he doesn't have to try them on!! Rotfl! (this has got to be a "man" thing!!)

    Ugly - Everytime I'm around smoke or strong scents (perfume) it gives me an asthma attack! :( Going to the mall the other day did me in!

  2. A week with no ugly and two greats is awesome!

  3. well done on your GBU's. Can't think of mine at the moment.


  4. Way to go on the greats and not having any uglies.

  5. So excited that bossy is making progress and growing up, learning control. These are great achievements.