Tuesday, August 28, 2012

All sorts of stuff - part 2

So yes...the washing machine is broken, we had to replace medication, and G-man spent a ton of money.


4)  New Job Status.  I do this all the time...premature worry.  The posting finally came out, and it is different than the pre-posting information.  Yes, they are canvasing for application for a position that may or may not come up.  But they decided to limit the office they are canvasing for.  G-man's current office, and any of the 3 offices we were interested in.....nope.  So for now, there is nothing to do but continue to wait.

5)  Trip to Mom and Dad's.  I have not booked it yet, but if we are going to do it....I have to do it soon.  So what's the new problem?  I am fighting with them.  It is hard to spend $1000 when you have no interest in seeing the people you are supposed to visit.  The current fight is about the kids' birthday, and of course.....I am wrong, I am petty, and it is all my fault.

6)  Work.  I am not sure who asked (sorry!), but someone asked about it!!  Work is crazy busy.  The original plan was to see how hard it would be to get to 30 hrs per week, and if it seemed to work out...then I would start to receive 3/4 benefits.  Well, I am hovering at 28.  I know what part of the problem is...but at the moment, there isn't much I can do.  I am ok not receiving benefits, as I still maintain the flexibility I need.  I am hoping that Boss will agree to a few hours from home (on a regular basis, vs as needed), and bump up the hours.  Yes, the "extra" money is nice from the hours, but since we adjusted our tax withholdings....it really isn't extra any more. 

and last but not least....

7)  Credit Card.  Our using our Discover card for the points....was working up until about 2 weeks ago.  We were consistently paying what we spent.  Well, we did some back to school shopping.  And a few times eating out.  And then the dates of when things were due didn't line up with payday.  So the balance is higher than I would like at the moment.  I am confident that within 2-3 paycycles (as in we each get paid....so 4-6 weeks), it will be back where it was.  I subtracted out some of the "extra" expenses, and if they weren't there, by the first payday in Sept, it would have been taken care of.  Lesson:  We still have work to do in this area, and we need to have a better budget line item for this.

I think that catches us up on everything.  Today is the kids' birthday, so I will be back tomorrow to share those events!


  1. Happy birthday to your kiddos! Hope they have a great day! Sorry about all the stuff that is going on; hopefully you can enjoy your kids' b-day with them and just forget about the other stuff for a while! :)

  2. Your kids have a great birthday since it's also my Anniversary.lol Happy to us all!

  3. I understand how you feel about #2, about being forced to be somewhere you'd rather not be and have to pay for it, otherwise be seen as petty or inconsiderate. Yup, that sucks. Happy b-day to the kids!

  4. #5 - if you don't want to go, why are you forcing yourself? You're not 15 anymore Kwim... I'd rather shove that $1K on debt than force myself to do something I have no desire to so.

  5. Do Bossy and Sassy look forward to seeing their grandparents? You've said that your parents only want to see the kids but what do the kids want? If they don't care, don't go. Only go if this will help them have a good relationship with their grandparents.