Monday, July 16, 2012

To my crafty friends....

Because only a crafty person will get this.....

I have been in a funk all day.  Decided I NEEDED some creative outlet to lift the mood.  In preparation for the fall (yeah....I am that person)....I decided I would work on my orange "flowers" that will get glued to a ball that will become a topiary.

I KNOW I bought orange crepe paper last year for this project, and didn't get around to it.  I THOUGHT it was in my craft box in the closet.

I pulled out the box....nope, not in there.  Where did I put it?  Maybe I put it in the "Fall" boxes.....Hauled up to the attic (boy is it hot in there).  Opened the boxes....didn't see it.  Now, it could be in there, and it was buried.  But for the moment, I do NOT have the crepe paper. 

I could work on pumpkins.....but don't feel like it.  I could work on my snowmen idea, but I am just not feeling snowmen yet.

I could work on my file cabinet, but that is way more prep than I am up for at the moment.

(Note to self.....don't you have too many projects????)

I don't have the stuff I need for the wreath project.

It is the worst feeling to NEED to craft, and can't!!!!!!!  C'mon....throw me a bone.  Tell me I am not alone in this.....


  1. I'd like to help you here, but I don't do crafts, I do craps because that is what my crafts look like when they are done. I also don't do crap booking...

    1. Well....I can't sew. Maybe a button. So I will do your crafts if you do my

  2. Wish I could feel your pain but I have so much STUFF I could keep a village busy!! Head on over to my house and have at it, I have plenty

    1. I have a ton of STUFF, it just never seems to be the RIGHT stuff!

  3. That's why I crochet and have a big stash :)