Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ramble Ramble

Thanks to everyone who commented on the post yesterday.  I think I will call the water company and see if there is anything going on.  After almost 11 years...it isn't like I am being prissy and now tap water isn't good enough.  Seriously, it tastes weird.

On to today's business....

G-man and I are discussing the furniture situation.  Of course, he wants to go buy what we want.  His rationale is that if we don't get what we really want, we will never be happy with our purchase.  Well, happiness is fleeting.  All I am seeing is the $$$, and trying to figure out how to pay for it.

No decisions have been made.  And even if a decision was made, we would watch for sales.  Actually, I had this "brilliant" idea to get a seasonal job at the store to get the employee discount.  Considering our schedule....this idea is not practical or even feasible.  But nonetheless....I thought it was a "good" idea.  My revised idea is I have to have a FRIEND work there.  OK...who wants a part time job???

Maybe the furniture fairy will come and pay for it.  HAHAHA. 

Yes, I want it.  No, I don't want to spend the money right now.  It will take us awhile to save up for it, and I am not sure if our current furniture will last that long.  But I guess I am willing to risk it.  Even if we were only half way there in our saving goal, it would be better than where we are now.

G-man agrees with all of this....BUT.....he wants what he wants NOW. 

I am trying to juggle the budget to accommodate so many things.  And the bottom line is that we only have so much to go around.  I just don't see how to juggle it anymore.  I just know if we go and spend this money (on CREDIT!), I will never be happy.  I will stress on how to pay for it.  Not worth it to me.

We have too many things we are trying to do.  We have to pick one and focus on it. 

And at the root of all of this.....the frustration that we are even in this situation at all.  Debt sucks.


  1. Maybe as a temporary solution you could find a used sofa on freecycle or craiglist free or very cheap that is in better shape then yours is. Use this furniture while you save up for what you really want. I guess if this were my situation I wouldn't have any choice but to do it that way, as I don't have credit available to use (which in these kind of tempting circumstances is a good thing, for me)

  2. I can understand you wanting a new set of furniture, what really concerns me is the foam stuffing coming out under the sofa covers. That stuff (if made in other countries) can break down and make it hard to breath. If it is truly disintegrating it should be replaced just for health reasons. We had an old recliner I threw a blanket over and I was constantly dusting and cleaning around. Hubby would always cough and wheeze in this chair, turned out foam was hardening and he was allergic to it. Every time he sat down it would puff through the blanket cover. We replaced it, yes we put it on 6 months same as cash. But no more health problems. This was about 8 years ago. Just thought I would mention it. With kids health maybe this is just something you have to bite the bullet and do regardless. Yes debt sucks, so does asthma.

  3. Hmm.. that sucks. Can you do a no-spend (ultra low spend) month to save up some cash beforehand? Dh really needs a new recliner, but seeing as I just took a new one back, he can sit in his old one till he finds a new one on his own... lol! ;) Good luck on whatever you decide!

  4. That is quite a brilliant idea to work part time for the employee discount. I can't say I havent thought about that as well. If the furniture isnt that expensive, and the discount is rather decent, you could always ask one of the employees... or as you said, friends of friends. Regardless, hope you find a plan that works for both you and G-man.

  5. you are doing such an amazing job --- even if you have to put it on credit, just make it a priority to get that paid off & it will feel like you paid in cash (I know it isn't the same, but it may make you feel better?)