Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saving Wasted Time

I will admit it....I am a tv junkie.  I grew up in a house where tv was heavily watched.  My parents had TVs in every room, and a VCR to go with each one.  My dad would "tape" everything in the world. 

Fast forward to today.  We have U-verse, and love it.  And I too will record a ton of stuff.  I fast forward through the commercials.  I typically don't watch TV until the kids go to bed, and then will catch up on things.  Of course, I record so much, that it takes forever to really catch up.  I sometimes want to get sick, so I can lay in bed and clear out the DVR.

Well, a new list of cancelled shows came out.  Unfortunately, several that I like have been axed.  I don't consider the time I spent watching them a waste, as I did get enjoyment out of it.  But...there are some that I still have back episodes stored on the DVR. 

At this point, I won't bother to watch them.  Knowing that whatever cliffhanger is at the end will never get solved....meh.  So I now have just saved myself about 7 hrs of tv. 

Oh well....I guess I was the only one watching them!


  1. I think your right about watching TV growing up becomes a part of what you do. My hubby thinks the TV has to be on if his eyes are open!! I grew up without a TV until my teen years so I don't care much for it. We may be the only family on earth with one TV in the house. Ha. Happy Mothers Day

  2. Just think of all that "free time" you'll have now! ;) I watch 2-3hrs of tv a week. Any more than that and I'd never get everything done I need!