Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Month....New Budget...New Thoughts

Happy March!!!  I am so thrilled that March is here!!!!  Daylight savings day is coming in less than 2 weeks; Spring is almost here!!!!

In just over 3 weeks, we will take out our loan to wipe out the CC debt, and get the new mattress (G-man was sleeping in the middle/half on my side last night....).  I am not being sneaky and thinking that we will be "consumer debt free" just because the CC balances will be gone.  No, that number will continue to be part of the tally; just looking forward to it going DOWN.

I have a wedding shower to go to later this month, so I need to plan for that expense (and also for the future expense of the wedding in, sitter, dress.....).

I am hoping by next weekend (not the one coming up) to have cleaned up my house again.  It is driving me nuts.

Root canal is scheduled for the 16th.  With the plan of taking the money from EF and getting the discount.  Based on how fast FSA works, we hope to have replaced the money within 2 weeks.

This is the month we designated for working on our life insurance and will.  WAY overdue.

The biggest tweak to our budget....and I am really not sure how to do in regards to our FSA.  We are finding that some providers are not as timely with submissions.  So the number I have in the budget for a monthly basis under medical reimbursement is FAR from accurate.  It is screwing up the budget.  I have been paying for things based on knowing that X dollars would be reimbursed.  Well, when that money doesn't come...and then you have already spent know where this is going....

My only thought is to NOT include the reimbursement money in the budget, but have to include the co-pays since that money is going out.  I am not sure how this will work, as this is a several hundred dollar variance.  Any one have any ideas??

Happy March Everyone!!!!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the Root Canal - I have had a couple and Jebus do they SUCK. But I am PUMPED you are taking care of the life insurance.