Monday, February 6, 2012

Decluttering Challenge- Week 1 complete

So Carla picked a Personal Space challenge for week 1.  I chose our Master Bedroom.  Now, there is alot wrong with our bedroom in general.  You can't tell very well from the pictures, but it is a small room, and we have large furniture.  Since we had the furniture before we bought the house, we dealt (and still deal) with it.
The room is actually green, but looks more gray in the picture.  The funny thing about we want to paint the room gray!  It has been over 10 years since we painted in here, and it is time. needed to be refinished 10 years ago, but never happened.  I want to put carpet in the bedroom eventually.  The rug that we have under the bed is NASTY.  It is so worn and dirty.  YUCK.

We have to make due with what we have.  The furniture itself is nice, but it is just so big for the space.  Plus, we like darker furniture now.  Anyway....on to the cleaning!!

Area 1:  My dresser and small space between my dresser and G-man's dresser.   We have various junk, socks, my sewing kit.  That box on the floor is shoes to go to Goodwill.  The laundry basket is full of miscelaneous junk.

Look at how pretty it is now!!!  All clear and clean.  I dusted, wiped down the mirror, and the floors got swept and washed.

Area 2:  My side of the bed/behind the door.  Alas, you really don't see this area when the door is open, but that is why there is a pile of $hit there.  Nice pampers kids are 9! 

But now if you look to the holds the vacuum.  Not perfect, but I didn't have anywhere to put it!

 Area 3:  Floor near the windows.  That box is full of clothes from the kids that they have outgrown.  I was waiting until I had a full box before taking it to Goodwill.  Um...I think it is full.  The basket...more junk.

And through the magic of the is gone!!!!  The clothes (and the shoes from above) are in my car, ready to be donated.  The junk has been tossed.

Area 4:  G-man's side of the bed. See that stuff on the floor...that is Sassy's box of Christmas decor for her room.  Never made it back to the attic.  If you look closely, you will probably see a few glasses, a magazine, other stuff.  The space is very room for a side table (or at least we haven't found one).

And......all clean!!!  The floors don't look half bad in the pics, but trust me, in person...they really need to be refinished.

Area 5:  Our bed.  In the first picture, I obviously hadn't made the bed yet (I have to make the bed bugs me if I don't).  G-man has this thing right now that he wants all sorts of covers.  So there are at least 3 covers on the bed.  One is a is a full.  The gray one (see right), is a queen, but it is a SMALL queen.  None of them work for us.  Plus, a picture fell off the wall, and it stayed there for at least a month.  Notice a cat that needed to be a camera hog....

Once again...through the magic of the internet...the bed is made.  I just noticed that it shifted and is not centered now.  Oh well.  It is too heavy for me to move alone.

So there ya go....challenge 1 accepted and accomplished.  We also did the mini challenge, and donated several items to the local food bank (via girl scouts). 

Now on to week 2 challenge....the family space challenge!!!  This coming week I will be cleaning out and reorganizing the kitchen pantry.


  1. Looks great! Doesn't it feel so much better?

  2. Looks awesome!!! Wow! :) Our room looks even smaller than! So I feel your pain!

  3. I love your house. I love older homes, they have so much character. Great Job.

  4. Great job on de-cluttering! And I love your wooden floors.

  5. Love the molding, paint, and floors! Great job paring stuff down. Keep up the good work!

  6. Excellent job! If you need a table for G-Man's side of the bed, have you considered a plant stand? Probably coud fit there easily --- and you just paint it up and voila!

  7. Awesome job on week 1's challenge!! You did great! I didn't officially join Carla's decluttering challenge, but reading all the posts will definitely motivate me to do some decluttering around the house.

  8. Looks great... I am envious of your wood floors (even if they are old and worn). I hate my carpeted floors-I have two very hairy dogs and the carpet is covered with hair, and I go through vacuums constantly, as they don't hold up to all the hair. Anyway I digress, but I am preparing myself for next weeks challenge and I can't wait to see what your next project is.

  9. Awesome job, love those angle walls.