Sunday, January 29, 2012

GBU - January 28, 2012

The Good: 
  • Retirement loan is GONE!
  • Got paid for AdSense.
  • Discovered that there is a coin counting machine at a particular bank branch, which is free for customers of the bank (which I am...I just don't typically go to that branch).
The Bad:
  • Overbudget on Food and Gas this week.
  • Still waiting on a few tax things.
The Ugly:
  • Forgot to budget for upstart of new cell phone plan (new phone, paying for two months for that first billing cycle).

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week?????


  1. quick questions is it worth while having adsense and are people who visit your blog complaining about it?

    Gill in Canada

  2. No one has ever complained to me about Adsense. I have had it forever, and this is the first time I am getting paid....yeah, it took that long to hit their payout threshold.

    My blog is for me....not for making money. I figured I would put it out there and if I made a few dollars (very few), it would be a win-win.

    Welcome to my blog; thanks for reading!

  3. Congrats on getting the loan paid off!

    Overall your week was good :-)

  4. Good - have $50 left in account for January!
    Bad - have to pay $300 in February for hot water tank repairs - boo!
    Ugly - the engine light is coming on in the car - oh no!

  5. Good - We had our lowest spend week since I've been tracking!
    Bad - when having our windshield replaced, the guy dropped it on our car, requiring extensive body work. I also feel super bad for the guy (in addition to it being a total hassle for us) - he's a small business & I know he was devastated by the accident.
    Ugly - I did an initial run of our taxes (still waiting for a few small things) & we owe *a ton*. Again. Our taxes vary greatly due to our investments, so it's very hard to accurately predict. Groan.

  6. @Canadian Saver - thanks!

    @Jane - oh, I hope your car isn't in trouble!

    @Hawaii - I did an initial run of our taxes too (after I posted) and right now we don't owe Federal, but we owe State. And once we pay State, there won't be much left. *sigh* I hope your ton isn't too bad!