Friday, December 30, 2011

A review of Blogging and Personal Goals 2011

Ok, so 2010 goals were super far off base.  And 2011...slightly better, but still need some work. 


1)  Increase readership to 73 followers.   DONE!!! I crushed this one!!!  I was at 58 at the beginning of 2011, and I am at 132 now.  That is an increase of 74, or 127%!!!  You guys ROCK!

2)  Make $100.  DONE!!! I did make a few bucks, but not a ton.  Again, this blog was never designed to be a money making machine.

3)  Continue to re-work my "look."  Eh.  It got some changes, but not what I really wanted.  I need to figure out what it is I need to do.


1)  Clean out my closet and get rid of the old stuff!  I did start this...but it didn't get far.

2)  Have family portrait taken

3)  Lose 20 lbs. Does gaining 20 lbs count for anything???

4)  Clean out attic.   Eh.  It was cleaned out fairly well when we did the yard sale.  But some of it ended up back up there.  And some of it just got messy.  It still needs work, but not a total fail either.

5)  Accept myself, and my husband for who we are.  WOW.  Again, little did I know.  I would say we have really made some progress in the past couple of months.  Things aren't perfect, but compared to where we were.......

I don't know what I expect.  Perfection comes to mind.  But that is so not realistic.  My 2012 need to be something attainable.  Any suggestions???


  1. You really haven't done horrible - just brush yourself off & get going again ~ maybe use the same goals that you had & try again???

  2. I agree with JP. Especially with you and Gman. You guys can do it, it's just going to take hard work. The weight, well stress can either have you gain or lose. lol

    Good luck either way.

  3. Love the new look!

    Happy new Year!!!

  4. I think the personal goal of self-acceptance of yourself and Gman is the most important one and I don't think you can get too far with the others until this one becomes a non-issue.
    Michael just bought me two books about being and dealing with being an introvert as I find it hard to accept myself the way I am. HOWEVER I am learning that being an introvert is WONDERFUL if I accentuate my strengths, of which I have many.
    I'm just rambling on aren't I?
    I'm also hoping that with self-acceptance will come weight loss as I am an emotional eater!

  5. I think you did good! Congrats on all of the followers too.

  6. I love the blue..very pretty. All in all you rocked the year

  7. Mysti, you were the second blog I ever read after Rhitter. It was the day my grandson was born and I was spell bound, I still am. Such perseverance and strength, but you can still whine like the rest of us. I just love you and we are going to make it!

  8. Thanks all. I am just glad that I am still standing after this year!!

  9. As my husband and I wrap up a challenging year (understatement!), I think you've done a terrific job this year!

    And I sure think those 20 lbs. should count for something!