Sunday, December 11, 2011

GBU - December 11, 2011

The Good: 
  • My car is getting better gas mileage than the van did
  • Got my Christmas cards out before the 10th (my self imposed deadline)
  • My super crazy day didn't turn out to be as crazy as expected
  • My first car payment is this week
  • Fairy houses are cute

The Bad:
  • Even with payday, our grocery budget is non-existent
  • The oil bill is kicking our a$$ ($342 a month!!!!  On the budget plan!!!)
  • Missed the 2 holiday parties this week because of childcare issues
  • Trying to pay off the retirement loan is making money very VERY tight
The Ugly:
    • Our super fabulous Santa gifts might not work for what we wanted them for...still working on fixing the problem
    • Thought I was done holiday shopping...but need to return a few things, and shop with the kids for their gift to Daddy

    You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week?????


    1. That's great about the gas mileage!

    2. Ya win some ya lose some. I overspent on shipping charges, way overspent, but made it up in some other areas, well most of it anyways. I started the month with a buffer amount of $245 and have $185 left. Bought a couple more gifts than expected (my own impulsiveness!). But now I am done shopping - yay!

    3. Sounds like a pretty good week. OH and I dont know if this helps but my girlfriend found a babysitter this week at the local Ymca. They run a safe sitter class and were able to recommend three girls

    4. The good - Came up with a new and improved chore system and the husband and kids seem to be on board with it:)

      The bad - I am feeling guilty that my youngest isn't a "believer" anymore and I didn't get her picture taken with Santa last year:(

      The ugly - I have more Christmas left to buy than I have money to buy it with...

    5. Good: Christmas shopping is done. I have a job.

      Bad: I'm nervous about starting my new position.

      Ugly: I haven't totalled up the receipts from said Christmas shopping so I'm not 100% sure I stayed in budget.