Friday, November 4, 2011

MAYBE I can play catch up this weekend....HAHA

First off....THANK YOU all for your love and encouragement.  I know I was a whiny baby.  This week really just got to be overload.  All the regular stuff, then all the stuff we knew about, PLUS all the stuff that happened beyond our control.  It just wasn't good.

But as Judy stated....there isn't anything a hot shower won't help fix!  After I got my shower yesterday was time to regroup and figure out life.

I have tons to tell you...but that will wait for another day.

This weekend is G-man's birthday....his mom didn't come to visit due to the power issue.  So we will be playing catch up all weekend.  I hope to spend a few hours catching up with all of you.....I know Judy is on crutches, and Kim's hubby had I want to check in with you guys!

Have a great weekend all!!


  1. Ah girl... so glad to hear you are feeling better.

  2. It's all right to whine. I do it a lot, then I get it out of my system. You had the right this time, anyway.

    Our shower/tub is not getting very hot lately and I hate that. Oh well, but everything else is going pretty well so I won't complain about that for now.

  3. See we are all here for you, and you smell nice too!

  4. See I told you hot showers fix everthing. As for everything else it will all fall into place. Besides a year ago I bet you wouldnt have cooked dinner at work and just look at you now. Progress girl...progress....


  5. sometimes it just gets overwhelming and a whinge is OK, glad you are feeling a bit better today.

  6. you totally can whine - that is why we have blogs!!!! we can always express our true feelings here ;) hehe... so glad you are taking a bit to get caught up :)