Thursday, November 10, 2011

An Afternoon of NOT

In just the last 4 hours.....

1) MIL decided NOT to come for Thanksgiving, after deciding TO come, after previously telling us that she wasn't going to come.

ETA:  Add in the "lovely" e-mail I just got....and this one just got that much more.....GRRRRR

2)  G-man did NOT get the no move for us.

3)  The car we are trying to buy did NOT go into the mechanic for the second day in a row after our mechanic found a small leak that the dealer agreed to fix.

I am NOT happy about numbers 2 and 3.  I am just annoyed by number 1.


  1. Well I say good riddance to her then. Hope the car situation gets taken care of!


  2. You're buying a car that's already going to the mechanic?! Toyota is offering 0% for 60 months on Corollas! get one of those, brand new, trust me that car won't bother you for the next 6 years! You can drive one out for 17,000 with ttl.

    Good luck!!


  3. I have not posted about how I thought I would have a nice quite Thanksgiving no pressure just a nice meal both the younger girls home and my mother-in-law called and invited herself and FIL to Thanksgiving. I was so mad. They spend every other major Holiday with us I swear, they have 4 other children, 24 grandchildren and plenty of greats, but no they come to our house. I try to remember that someday I will be old and no one will want me. I mean 4 other children! Hope the car works out.

  4. Sorry to hear about #2 and #3. I would hope that the dealership is cutting the price of that car WAY down, considering you dont even have it yet and it is already requiring maintenance. It could be a sign of things to come! Best of luck to G-man on his new search for a job/position. Hope he finds an even better offer soon.

  5. @Judy - oh, it has gotten so much worse since I posted this!

    @HS - not getting a Corolla, dude. The car has sat for awhile, so it just needs some tightening and what not. Our mechanic said it is in good shape.

    @Kim - I will make the same dinner whether she is here or not. It is just the annoyance of is she coming or not. I wouldn't be surprised if this changes again.

    @Tanner - The car really is fine, and we are still working out the deal.