Sunday, October 9, 2011

GBU - October 9, 2011

I know....this is 5 weeks in a row!!!  Amazing for me.

The Good: 
  • G-man and I had a date night, and came in under budget, and had a nice time out.
  • Spent some time getting organized/scheduled for the coming month.
  • Down to 6.5 things from the original "31" to-do list.
  • Figured out where to come up with "extra" money for a car payment, if needed.
  • Title to G-man's car finally arrived (it has been paid off for 4.5 months).

The Bad:
  • G-man is closer to finishing his "car problem" paperwork....but still not DONE.
  • My new To-Do list.....UGH.
  • Move info is still pending, holding us up on making other decisions.
  • Looked into having someone do a home repair (vs doing it ourselves), and it was about 5x the cost of doing it ourselves, and about 2x what I thought he would charge.
  • My Mother-In-Law is coming in 3.5 weeks=STRESS
  • G-man's birthday is in 4 weeks = Stress, Emotional stuff
  • Still trying to figure out Life Insurance
The Ugly:
  • My car is going downhill fast....REALLY fast.
  • We have "extra" things going on 25 of the  next 36 days (some days have multiple things; and this doesn't include our typical schedule of work, school, standing appointments).

Now is the time that I have to really put my nose to the grindstone.  We have SO much going on in the next month, without a plan, I will be lost.  Today I am trying to get ready for battle, which will include meal planning (which I have already stated I suck at), a plan when certain chores will get done, figuring out if there is anything I can move around, and figuring out my work schedule to accommodate it all.  Just another day around here!

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week?????


  1. Mysti - I can help with the meal planning. I'm good at it and base the planning on what is on sale at the grocery store. Please let me know what store you shop at and I'll look at my lists and help out.

  2. I really suck at meal planning :(
    my GBU - well clearing out the office is my Good
    Bad - gained four pds over the break instead of losing it
    Ugly - My car registration & insurance is due

  3. You should congratulate yourself for getting down to only 6.5 things to do on a list that began with 31 items. As for life insurance, I hope you are only considering term life policies for yourself and your husband....if you are both healthy non-smokers you should be able to get a reasonable amount of coverage at a decent price. Term rates are lower now than they were a decade or so ago--stay away from whole life polices which have always been a rip off.

  4. Let's see.....

    The Good: Princess Penelope was accepted to her "first choice" college.
    The Bad: The realization of the costs of a college education have set in.
    The Ugly: Approximately $250 in senior fees and expenses are due --- WEDNESDAY.

  5. I'm horrible at meal planning also. I never want what I have planned the day or week before.

  6. @Gina - usually we shop at Price Chopper.

    @Louise - well, your Good totally rocked...the Ugly can be planned for...the Bad...well, I am in that boat with ya.

    @Consuelo - Yes, we are looking at 30 yr term, not whole. The price isn't that is just working it into the budget.

    @Sass - Congrats to Princess again!

    @Michelle - My problem is that 3 nights a week it is just me and the kids, and it is easy to go lax on what to do for dinner.

  7. Mysti - email me when and if you want help.

  8. Mysti this is exactly how I feel going into November. I don't come up for air for 6 weeks! I hate it! The stress, the planning, the failing. Good luck!