Sunday, August 7, 2011

GBU - August 7, 2011

Another week is behind us.....let's see where we stand THIS week!

The Good: 

  • Found out that G-man will have some overtime this week and next.  Crossing our fingers and toes that it can actually go into savings (if the move happens) or to debt!
  • Despite massive stress....didn't cave in and buy all sorts of stuff, just because.
  • Found a new craft for the fall that is uber cute, and uber cheap!!
  • Found a few coupon codes for gifts for Christmas, that will make them free (just pay shipping)

The Bad:
  • Toilet flush kit went ka-put.  $15 to replace.  
  • Even though it isn't that warm, the house is humid and sticky.  Running the air conditioning more than I really like.
  • Still debating about oil prices and when to sign up for budget plan

The Ugly:
  • The car....came in at $1189.  And the stuff they found....GRRRRR.  All of this is being reported to the DMV board, and I want our money back from the old shop.  
  • The move....I don't do so well with the unknown.

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week?????


  1. Seriously consider filing a small claims court suit against your former auto shop. I did that when I was only 21 when I had a bad break job done on my car (the shop put warped rotars on my car) and I had to have the work redone. We did end up in court and the judge ordered them to refund all the money I paid the former shop. As long as you have all your paperwork you should have a slam dunk case and it does not cost that much to file and you get your money back. You will also probably feel better that you stood up for yourself as well.

  2. Lets see the
    good: A relative/friend repaid my husband 1850.00 last night(but she owes him thousands)

    Bad: my electric bill

    Ugly: my children when they realized the shower has a 10 minute timer now


  3. The good...I won tickets on the radio to see Tim McGraw:) I had wanted to go to his concert forever and had decided that this year would be the year I would buy tickets. Then just before the tickets went on sale we realized how deep in debt we were and got on the get outta debt journey so buying tickets was totally out of the question. I had a great time at the concert last night for free!

    The registration fees and back to school clothes. Plus, we just found out that our 10 year old needs glasses. I haven't saved anything to pay for these expenses...

    The ugly...Tuesday my 18 year old is having his tonsils out. I am so nervous both for the recovery and the expense. We are thinking our part of the bill will be around 1300 bucks after the insurance pays their part.