Friday, August 5, 2011

A Friday of Uncertainty

Happy Friday!!  I know for most of you, it is the last day of the work week....sliding into the weekend of errands, cleaning, maybe some R&R if you are lucky.

Our Friday is FULL.  FULL of uncertainty and expense.  On the agenda:

9:00am - drop kids at camp
10:30 - couples counseling
12:00-2:00 - errands
3:00 - pick kids up from camp
3:30 - Bossy occupational therapy
5:00 - hopefully pick up my car from the shop

The car is being fixed....and will run about $1,000.  This is killing me.

We are on pins and needles waiting to hear about the job situation.  I am trying to remain positive, but I really don't think this is going to pan out.  We have never had this happen, and the dragging on of it is wearing.  The government makes this sooooo much more complicated than it has to be.  I understand that the field office can't read thousands of resumes and they need to be weeded out.  But the way they do this, you are at the mercy of HR.  If the supervisor says no, it really is game over.

I am worried that the car won't be fixed.  That in 2 months I will be blogging yet again about car woes.

And August tends to be emotional for me anyway.  Alot of the major issues with my pregnancies were in August, and I am a date person, so as these dates are approaching, I find myself becoming more anxious about them...and everything!!

One errand we have to run today is at the mall to exchange Sassy's birthday present.  We bought her a pair of boots, and upon further investigation, decided they were the wrong size.  So we have the right size on hold at the store.  But this mall.....has all the GOOD stores.  The Trollbead store...Pottery Barn....William Sonoma....Ann Taylor Loft.....J. Jill......all dangerous to either me or G-man.  Not a good place to be when you are stressed!!

I am sure you will be refreshing your screen every minute waiting for an update.....we will let you know as news becomes available.

UPDATE:  No application news.  The supervisor hasn't looked at it and won't until Monday.  The good news though is that they have not sent the "final" applications to the field office.

My car is done....and it was almost $1200.  There were a few other things that needed to be replaced in order to fix the issues.  As an added bonus, the new shop took detailed notes for us regarding the water pump....and saved it for us.  Everything CLEARLY indicated that the previous shop installed it wrong.

We got out of the mall with out spending any money!  We exchanged the boots (even exchange).  We did window shop at the Trollbead store (and I added to my wish list ;) but didn't purchase).  And we found something at William Sonoma that we will probably get at some point (replacement pan for one of ours that has died).  But no money spent.


  1. Good luck today! I know it sounds trite, but the power of positive thinking is real!!!! And as for Ann Taylor and the like, maybe put some blinders on! Challenge yourself to walk out of that mall with just the exchanged boots! Having total control of at least one aspect of an uncertain day will give you a boost in facing all the rest of it!

  2. Good Luck today!!!! You can do it no matter what! You have come so far that an uncertain day won't stop you!

  3. good luck today - stay strong!!!

  4. Those car expenses are brutal! I'd cry too! Lol! Hope today goes well! :)

  5. I wish I were a rich man ( fiddler on the roof is playing in my head) I would buy you a new car. I love Williams Sonoma, Anne Taylor, Talbots, I like good quality. But alas I too have to be good. Great self control girl, now give some to me.

  6. I'm sure you are planning to do this, but I would take the mechanic's notes and the broken pump back to the place that first did the work and insist on a full refund. If they are uncooperative, remind them that CT has a strong, pro-consumer division within the state attorney general's office and that you intend to contact them and file a complaint promptly. The, if necessary, do it. Good luck with the job application....