Friday, July 22, 2011

All sorts of firsts!

Greetings from my girl's weekend away!!!  I know, I shouldn't be here, but just a quick note to say hi.

A few firsts for me....

1)  first time I used the bathroom on a plane
2)  first time I went to a casino!
3)  first time I will be going to a traditional midwest church festival.

The casino....I know what you all are thinking.  WHAT!!!!

We went to play Bingo.  I knew ahead of time that we were doing this, and planned for the cost.  It was $67.  One of my friend's friends won $1199!!  So she gave us each $40 toward our playing, so in the end it was only $27.  But more on that adventure later.

Hope everyone is well!


  1. Good for you! First things are important for us! Keep having fun!

  2. hope you have a great time!!!

  3. I'm still a little scared of those airplane bathrooms!

  4. First time in a Casino?! I went twice just this past weekend lol