Sunday, June 5, 2011

GBU - June 5, 2011

Let's get down to it:

The Good:  Nothing Earth shattering here, but hey....they weren't BAD things.   
  • The oven wasn't official dead.  A no-cost fix solved the problem, but we know that we need to prepare for it's demise.
  • We mulched the front flower beds.  We decided against getting bulk mulch this year, and just bought some at Home Depot.  $36 later our beds are done and it took us less than an hour (vs 2 days with a wheelbarrow and $127).
  • The best $22 we spent this week....sending the kids to a park and rec event (we have an AWESOME Inclusion specialist who makes the best events for special needs kids and their family)....bumper boats, mini golf, and they bought Subway dinner (we didn't count this as part of our eating out as it was part of the event).  $11 a kid....3 hrs.....they had a blast!!!

The Bad:
  • The curse of the 3-pay check month hit.  Basically, the DATE the pay checks fall mess up the delicate balance of payment schedule, so until the first paycheck in June (mine is Wed, his isn't until June 13), our finances are wanky.
  • While agreeing to not eat out for June...somehow we went to the store and spend way too much buying junk food when we were hungry.  It would have been cheaper to just order Chinese.
  • G-man's cordless drill bit the dust.  Need to get a new one (which I am hoping will go on sale as we get closer to Father's Day)
  • ETA:  When I went outside this morning...I noticed that someone stole one of our shephard's hooks and hanging baskets from in front of our house.  REALLY????  We had a pair, and now we have one.  Plus, we planted the flowers in that basket as a memorial planting for my Father-In-Law on the anniversary of his passing.  I don't get it.

The Ugly: 
  • While I am a fanatic about checking our acct balances, I am not as good right now about tracking spending.  I have no idea what we have spent in the past few months on food, gas, and other variable spending.  Time to get back on track with tracking!!
  • Pandora has struck again....this time with the deck.  This will be it's own post...but let's just say now we are trying to figure out how to much it will be to resurface the deck.

How about you.....what are your GBU?????


  1. Good - Stayed on Budget last week.
    Bad - My car needs a tune up and oil change
    Ugly - May need to max out Walmart Card to get oil change done.

  2. A lot of secret shopper companies have shops for oil changes. Mostly you just get reimbursed and you have to wait about 2 months to get the money, but even so, it is a free oil change. It is one of the easier reports too! :)

  3. Love the three pay check month! I have two this year and I'm loving it. They are coming right in handy too!

  4. Good - Got all the laundry done, and only used the dryer for a total of 25 minutes
    Bad - Will someone please explain to me how I managed to use my total $100 Target Gift Card (Birthday Present) on clothes for Princess Penelope?? AND forgot to get what I went there for in the first place?
    Ugly - Another day of 98+ heat ahead --- and no rain in sight.