Sunday, May 1, 2011

Just Do It!

We are all guilty of it....we put off doing something and really don't have a good excuse for it.  We think it will take too long, or we need "just one more thing" or we want to do ABC before we get to that.  What on Earth are we waiting for???  The perfect time?  The perfect time never happens.

NOW is the perfect time.  ACTION.

Today I am trying to knock out a few things that I have been procrastinating on for whatever the reason.  They just nag at me, and it is better to just clear them from the To Do list instead of perpetually keeping them on there.

My ACTION items for today:

1)  Load bottles/cans in car to take to recycling. (update:  Took me 7:14)
2)  Medical form I need to send in to Bossy's supply company (update: Took me 36:35)
3)  Package up items to mail to grandparents (update:  Took me 12:49, but I ran out of tape, so it is 90% done)


4) Pick up small pile of junk that has been sitting in the playroom for a month!!! (update:  Took me 2:10)

I am guessing that this entire list will take me less than an hour to do....but I just haven't done it.  So I am going to just take care of it and not have to think about it any more.

How about you?  Do you have something you can just take care of today and cross it off the list?  Let me know when you did it, and how long it ACTUALLY took you!!!!!!

UPDATE:  I was darn close.  Took me 58:48 to do these tasks.  Add maybe another 4 min if I had enough tape.


  1. Clearing out your clutter and your recycling is an amazing feeling. Have a great day!

  2. Oh my gosh, My kitchen needs some addressing.
    1) junk mail pile in the corner
    2) a bunch of junk on the microwave
    3) stove needs a good scrubbing inside and out
    4) Fridge needs to be cleaned

    I can easily do this during my daughters naptime tomorrow. (Im working today)

    Im going to do this!!

  3. Actually we just did it today! I needed to clean out our utility room. (We stuffed all sorts of stuff in there when we were getting our basement fixed). It had been several weeks, and neither my husband nor I wanted to do it, but 6 garbage bags later, it's cleaned out. Whew. I can cross that off my list, and that feels good.

    Glad you were able to get stuff done too!

  4. Okay, okay quit nagging! Little Miss Efficient.
    1. I finally gaff taped those 8 buckets of wheat and took them to the storage.
    2. I packed three bins of costumes and took them back to the high school and put them away in the loft.
    3. I took all 5 boxes of new costumes to the studio and left them to try on this week.
    4. Folded and stored a huge pile of fabric used to make costumes.
    5. Finished the laundry!

    Now I am tired and I think I will take a nap!

    ( this list took me two hours) But it has been bugging me for well some of it..... months?)

  5. Hmmm... I've got a list that I won't tackle on weekends including finishing taxes (got a extension so I could do business expenses) and city council minutes, but I do have a few I could accomplish in a couple hours today.

    1. Plant rest of comfrey plants.
    2. Cover Kale bed with deer fencing.
    3. Level new veggie bed by garage.
    4. Straighten pump house (where all livestock supplies are kept.
    5. Clean garage!

    Thanks for the kick in my pants to get me motivated!

  6. @Jolie - I do feel so much better.

    @Working - If you are able to do all of that during naptime, you are da bomb!

    @Sharon - that is an awesome accomplishment!

    @Kim - WOO HOO!! Do you feel great now that it is just DONE?

    @Ruth - It was a great day to work outside here...hope you had the same!

  7. It was nice here and I got everything done off of my list. Today will be hit and miss, as I have a guy coming to buy calves at some point, but I have some stuff I am sure I can shave off my list.

  8. Look at all you have inspired! I'm glad I'm not the only one who needed to read this today. I'm going to finish straightening the dining room, which is really my entrance room. The dog's crate is collecting knitting projects, and there is something shredded inside the crate that I need to evict, and then maybe I'll be up for sorting the mail - WOOT!

  9. I am so proud of everyone!!! Just pick one thing a day to tackle that you have been putting doesn't has to be huge. Small steps equal big changes.

    You can do it!!